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Let’s start our evaluation at ‘Impact Fix’ (Swing Sequence #1) as well as SS #1a, the very initial Take Away move, always quite similar to your ‘Putting Take-Away’. (see ‘The One Piece Take-Away’) We are primarily viewing ‘Down The Line’ (see ‘DTL Video Perspective’ … ‘Ball To Target’)

Both Knees are athletically flexed and ready to ‘Go To Work’. (see ‘Posture - The Swing or Pivot Engine’) During SS #1 and SS #1a (Trigger or Start Of Movement) the Knee Caps are quite ‘Even’.

As we transition into SS #2 (The Sweep), the Target Knee starts to move forward or towards the ‘Body and Target Lines’. The Brace Knee is stationery and ready to become loaded. Remember, the ‘Medial Head of the Femur’ (The Inside Knee Knob) is the ‘Base Of The Pivot’. Our entire ‘Golf Body Machine’ pivots or rotates and winds around that ‘Accumulate, Load & Store’ point. (see ALSDR … The Power Line Delivery Sequence … DR stands for ‘Deliver & Release’)

The Max Target Knee Movement forward towards the Target Line is accomplished by the time we are at SS #5 or Top Of Back Swing. (TOB) During the ‘Transition’ (Initial Target-ward Bump just as we depart the TOB) and by the time we achieve SS #6 (Target Lever Horizontal To The Ground), the Target Knee has moved significantly aft or away from the Target Line and returning towards ‘Even With The Brace Knee’. (see ‘Squared Up’)

In SS #7 (Pre-Impact) the Brace Knee is passing the Target Knee. In this segment, it is the ‘Brace Side’ that is ‘Advancing’. That is why we now refer to the Brace Knee as our ‘Motion or Thrust Component’.

Through SS #8, the Impact & Separation Zone, the ‘Motive Brace Knee’ is getting ahead of the Target Knee. Due to its ‘Delivery & Release Pivot Action’ this ‘Motive Brace Knee’ is moving closer to the Target Line than the Target Knee. Of course, the Brace Hip is logically, cooperatively advancing on the Target Line. (see ‘The Swapping Pockets Bullet-Proof Skill Drill’) Through the ‘I&S Zone’, the Target Hip is ‘Retreating or Moving Back’. (see ‘Clearing’) In summary, your Knees, both of them, are in cooperative motion from SS #1a all the way to SS #10 (Chase, Follow & Finish) or SS #11 if you use that optional ‘Bounce Back’ position … Clubhead in front of your chest and ‘Pointing At The Target’.