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You will find below many aspects of golf that are important and may challenge you. We are here to help you both answer and understand their meaning. “Ask Us!” is the key!

We enthusiastic teachers must serve the student’s needs at all times. Our own selfish needs have a place in the global scheme of ‘Things Golf’, but they come quite second to ‘Customer Needs’! If we tend to the needs of others, we shall be rewarded sooner than later! All that one has to do to be happy and successful is to help enough good people to achieve their goals and to thus get what they want!”

Your ‘555 Team’ must be and is ‘CLIENT DRIVEN’!

We must be ‘Scientifically Correct’ in our teaching basis. There is a huge preponderance of false information and pseudo-understanding about the ‘Golf Swing’. It comes from some very lofty sources too! What others do is not our concern herein at the ‘555 GOLF ACADEMY’! Our focus is on our own client’s practical needs. If we can stick to simplistic scientifically correct methods, delivered properly and enthusiastically, we shall set the pace and continue to be leaders rather than followers!

We have developed ‘The Perfect Problem Solving Golf Swing’. Once you ‘Master The Golf Basics’, fixing swing issues in a manner that suits you will be very simple.

We must, at all times, be sensitively aware of ‘The Physics Of Rotation’ and of ‘The Geometry Of The Circle’. I know that sounds way too complicated, but the ‘Golf Swing’, like it or not, is a ‘Science And Physics Based Event’. If we disregard things like ‘Newton’s Laws’, our performance shall be compromised and we shall gain less ‘Pleasure’ than anticipated from our time in the arms of ‘Lady Golf’.

Know your primary information and guidelines! Here a some listed for ‘YOU’.


The ‘BASIC ESSENTIALS’ are a ‘Stationery or Steady Head’, “Timing Tempo, Rhythm, Cadence and Pace”. (Knowing ‘RPM’ is a useful teaching tools as well!).


  1. Flat Target Wrist (‘Impact Component’)
  2. Clubhead Lag Pressure (‘Pivot Component’)
  3. Clubshaft On PLANE (‘Plane Component’)

We must not only be aware of these ‘Absolutes’, we must be able to apply them to every single ‘Golf Swing’ and evaluate their efficiency.


We must constantly enhance our ‘Ocular Component’. We must strive to ‘SEE THE BALL COME OFF THE AIMED CLUBFACE’. The ‘Eyes’ gather anywhere from 80% to 90% of all the data that the brain processes in order to accomplish a sound, repeatable ‘Golf Swing’. No small feat or factor!

‘THERE IS NO ONE WAY TO SWING A GOLF CLUB!’ Every single individual has individual capabilities and an equally unique personality. Never strive to impair or change that too much, especially at first! You stand an improved opportunity as you become more familiar and comfortable with the individual. Keep the ‘Learning Process’ very simple and safe. ‘Produce Comfort’!

‘There is no One Way’ but there is a scientifically correct and incorrect way!

‘The 555 GOLF TEAM’ shall understand and, at all times, remain focused on the scientific principles that govern ‘The Physics Of Rotation’ and ‘The Geometry Of The Circle’.

This very special ‘555 TEAM’ shall understand and educate the student as to what the ‘Primary and Secondary Golfing Machine Engines’ are. We shall also teach them what ‘Stage One, Two and Three Procedures’ are. This shall be done efficiently to a degree that the client can both understand and explain the concept to his or her teacher and perhaps to others.

‘EACH 555 TEAM MEMBER’ shall be fully aware of ‘The 5 SET-UPS’, ‘The 5 EXECUTIONS’, ‘The 5 CONTROLS’, ‘The 5 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS’, ‘The 555 PROBLEM SOLVING CONCEPTS’, ‘MATCHING COMPONENTS & PROCEDURES’, ‘The 5 IMPACT POINTS’ ‘The 5 WAYS TO SHORTEN YOUR DISTANCE’, ‘The ONE INCH RULE’, ‘The 5 BODY CLOCKING PARTS’, ‘The Pre Shot Routine’, ‘The 5 ALIGNMENT AXES’, and any other similarly important and helpful approaches to teaching ‘Permanent Improvement’ to willing participants.

These and more primary concepts and teaching tools are provided to each ‘555 Family Member’ in writing. Learn them so you can ‘LEAD’ and not just follow!

This knowledge not only facilitates our own learning process, making us better industry citizens, but also enables us to provide written material to our clients. This is clearly perceived as ‘VALUE ADDED’. If we can say ‘IT’ we should be able to provide ‘IT’ in writing! That is professional!

‘OUR BEHAVIOUR SHALL SEPARATE US FROM OUR COMPETITORS!’ If the ‘555 TEAM’ does not come out at the top of every list of appreciated ‘Golf Teachers’, we shall be very close and keep working harder until we arrive and stay there!

‘The 555 TEAM’ shall, at all times, behave in a manner that enhances firstly the direct local reputation of the ‘TEAM’. In this manner all members shall indirectly better represent our profession as dedicated teachers … a very important component of the ‘Golf Industry’!

Quite contrary to popular industry propaganda, the golf participant numbers today are shrinking and NOT growing! There are fewer golfers today than yesterday! This slippery slide is accelerating! A weak economy contributes to softening numbers, but the ‘Primary Cause’ is a ‘Golf Performance Frustration Quotient’ that exceeds the tolerance of especially new comers! If we are not having fun, the dance is soon over!

The weak link in ‘The Global Well-Being Of Golf’ is inadequate teaching knowledge and energy. Unless this ‘555 TEAM’ takes the teaching task by the jugular and accomplishes predetermined basic and correct goals, we shall then also be contributing to the further decay of our ‘Game’ and industry … of our presents and futures.

That shall NOT happen within the ‘555 Golf Academy’!

Each client has the full and generous support of any and all fellow members. You shall immediately be an important part of our ‘555 Golf Family’.

If you do not understand, “JUST ASK US!”

There is no ‘I’ in the word ‘TEAM’ but the ‘TEAM’ is comprised of talented individuals!

Remember, one of our long proven slogans is:


Together, as a ‘555 TEAM’, we shall continue to make our positive and proud marks!

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