Why Has Golf Instruction Failed?

Why Has Golf Instruction Failed? for centuries .… since its inception.

The answer is ‘For Lack Of Scientific basics which enable each special golfer to prevail and have more FUN with the tools that God provided to him or her’. So often we attempt to do more than we logically and realistically can … or less!

We are in a highly successful scientific era. We are vastly smarter now than we were fifty years ago. We understand ‘Bio-Mechanics and Kinesiology’. Think hickory sticks and hammered steel clubheads … no two alike! Equipment has progressed beyond our wildest imagination.

Very good people, all golfers, struggle to improve predictably and systematically. Lack of system and knowledge is why getting better is so fleeting and temporary.

Well now you have liberal access to ‘The 555 Golf System’ and it’s ‘Perfect Problem Solving Golf Swing’. The ‘555 Team’ is curious, smart, trained and experienced. We can help you improve predictably and permanently using knowledge.

The ‘555 Academy Philosophy’ is boldly simple and superior.

Our graspable basics include looking at the golfing human as a ‘Golfing Machine’ with all its marvelous and definable ‘Components & Procedures’. When we understand the ‘Lower Body Machine’ (‘LBM – Feet, Knees, Hips. Abdomen & Trunk, Chest, Shoulders and Head’ … ‘The Core Aspect’ that produces all the ‘Round & Round Motion) and ‘The Upper Body Machine’ (‘UBM – Shoulder Sockets, Upper Arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Hands and the actual Golf Club’ that produces all the ‘Up & Down Motion’), we shall be well served.

Now add the ‘Mind Machine’, one that is trained and knowledgeable. It is the bridge of the ship. Good commands must emanate from that controlling platform. The ‘555 System’ can make that happen.

This is the formula and ‘Package’ that always exceeds expectations.

“Welcome Aboard!”

“Enjoy The Ride!”

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