Golf Myth Book E

The Golf Myth Collection Book E

Protocols & Bullet-Proof Skill Drills

Are you ready to play like a pro?

The Golf Myth Collection is the first of its kind. A collection of videos that teach you how to improve your golf game through proven, time-tested drills and protocols. These are the same drills used by top PGA instructors, tour pros, and even amateurs with handicaps in the single digits. They’re easy to follow and will help you make more money playing golf than ever before!

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Bunker Protocols

There’s a myth that golfers don’t care about their bunker play. We know the truth. They want to improve but most are too busy to figure out how to improve.

That’s why we created Bunker Protocols: A simple system for improving your bunker game in just 30 minutes per week! It’ll help you get up and down from every bunker on the course, even if you have little idea what you’re doing initially. Be patient!

Bunker Protocols have helped thousands of golfers all over the world finally start getting up and down from bunkers again. Isn’t it your turn now?

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Skill Drills

How does a golfer improve his or her game?

There are many ways to improve your golf game, but one of the most effective is learning skill drills. These drills help you learn how to perform certain shots that can be used on the course when it matters most. The Golf Myth Collection is a series of books that will teach you everything you need to know about these skills.

Price: $11.99 This 200+ page ebook is available for instant access.
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Your Golf Red Book is the foundation of’The 555 Golf System’World-Class Pacesetter

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The Golf Myth Collection Book A

The Golf Myth Collection Book B

Complete Golf Myth Collection


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