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The 555 Golf Academy is the world’s most comprehensive online training program for amateur and professional golfers. We provide over 1200 editorials, articles, tips, videos and drills that will help you take your game from good to great in just a few short weeks.

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"I have been searching for decades and finally found my golf craft. This is truly a big water voyage and the 555 Golf Academy is my trusted navigator. Now I am having predictable fun!"
Robert: Arlington, Texas

“I have been playing golf for 15 years with some different instructors along the way that mostly confused me. My game had recently fallen apart and after just one lesson I was back on track better than ever, bombing my hybrid 260 yards! But most importantly, I now have a road map to follow when things get off course.”
Jordan: McKinney, Texas

555 Golf Academy Is The Best Golf Resource for YOU!

We bring you more than 40 years of ‘Study, Prove and Teach’ with thousands of ‘Satisfied Customers’ in multiple countries.

What has this ‘Passionate Dedication’ produced that is suitable for any and all golfers?

More than 1200 ‘Proven Professional Pages’ on our recently launched ‘Interactive Website’.

We are here with a very special ‘Live Support 24/7’ for only one reason … YOU! If you have a question, you can ask it and get a prompt practical response.

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"I have taken a lot of lessons! Many of the things I learned from Karl have not been heard from any other source. What he taught me about putting has been tremendous. With his history of club making Karl can teach the golf swing and so much more. I highly recommend Dr. Fischer at any level. You will quickly have more fun!"
Greg: Vancouver, Canada

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The Golf Myth Collection

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Karl Fischer

Dr. Karl Fischer, Creator

Certified International Master Teaching Professional
Certified Master Club Builder
Certified Golf Clinician

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Karl Fischer is the consummate teaching pro. He is a stickler for the basics of the golf game and always gives you ample time during a lesson to make your effort worthwhile. You always leave a session with a written summary of the day's activities and the feeling that you have bettered your golf game. His interest is seeing you improve and knowing that you have gotten your money's worth during the time spent with him.
Byron: Weatherford, Texas

easily understood, short and to the point!

Practical Golf Tips, Current Editorial Messages, Helpful Client-Centric Articles, Honest Q&A...
Written To Help YOU! What is a great ‘Golf Tip’ worth?




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555 Golf Academy: Not Optional Conditions

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Mind Over Matter

555 Golf Academy: Mind Over Matter

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There Really Is A Difference

555 Golf Academy: There Really Is A Difference

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"I am a serious life student of the ‘Great Game Of Golf’. I am diligent in my passions. Golf makes people better for her generous, sometimes demanding experience! Karl, as a compliment to you, during my 67 years, I've spent a lot of time with both teachers and instructors. I've met some excellent ones and many that are less than excellent. I'm not speaking about just teaching golf here ... I am referring to embracing pleasure through excellence! In my opinion, you as a teacher, stand tall among the excellent ones. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to meet and know you."
Dick: Arlington, Texas

"My lifetime, world-traveler golfing friend wants me to be her golfing buddy. I am a beginner! Dr. Karl has been teaching me the basics of the 555 Golf strategy. This includes specific lessons, skills, drills and practice. My commitment has given me the confidence to become good enough to soon be that golf buddy. If I work hard enough at golf skills, course and mental management, I intend to post a lower score than my friend!"
Sandra: Hurst, Texas

555 Gold Academy


Extensive articles that provide understanding and immediate results, not only on the practice tee but also more importantly on the course. Improving your golf is exciting!

Video Vault

A vast Collection of golf videos based on Kinesiology ('The Musculo-Skeletal Movements Of The Human Body'). This makes learning golf predictably easy and FUN! You deserve that personal touch!

Fewer Injuries

Unnecessary 'Soft Tissue Injuries' plague golfers. Some are career threatening or ending! The '555 System' is scientifically adjusted for each client. It is not 'One Size Fits All'.

Immediate Improvement

By efficient, dynamically correct motions, you shall improve your 'Distance & Direction', keeping the ball in play and posting lower scores. Now that is a lot more FUN than not!


Professional golf swing evaluations and generous telephone and e-mail access to our 'Golf Professionals' is available with affordable premium membership options. Get your very own 'Certified Teacher On Retainer'!

Predictable Results

'Mastering Golf Basics' founded on 'Science and Physics' and taught in a simple, logical manner will produce immediate results for YOU. Just knowing what '555' stands for is valuable!

"I met Karl Fischer about 15 years ago in McKinney, Texas. He was very helpful and we started bringing down my 23 handicap. When I retired, I asked for more help. He is always available with methods that work. We predictably lowered my handicap to a 10! Putting and chipping discipline became the key. Dr. Karl's 555 air-line-based Check Listing Program really works! If you want to improve, reach out!"
Tom: Plano, Texas

Welcome To The 555 Golf Academy

The 555 Golf Academy provides information and training that generates immediate and dramatic results. Our 'Perfect Problem Solving Golf Swing' is unequalled. Locker Room and Inner Circle Members Have Access To A Fresh, New and Exciting Golf World … Won't You Join Us?

Over 1200 Proven Professional Pages means Resource VALUE!

See Immediate Results

The 555 Golf Academy is the only golf instruction that is truly based on 'Kinesiology' ('The Musculo-Skeletal Movements Of The Human Body').

Created by Dr. Karl Fischer, PhD in Kinesiology and 'Certified International Master Teaching Professional' ('CIMTP'), The '555 Golf Academy' provides broad-based training in all of golf's aspects. It has proven its ability to provide immediate and dramatic results.

Dr. Karl teaches touring professionals to beginners and has advised some of the nation's biggest and most successful golf instruction institutions.

Make Your Practice Time Boldly Effective With A Written Plan!

Practice With A Purpose
Don't Keep Practicing Bad Habits

"Dr. Karl Fischer is a highly respected 40+ year teacher of the game of golf. His dedication and commitment to teaching is his passion and it is evident in every session. The simple ‘555 Golf System’ is based on proven results that will benefit anyone, regardless of skill level. You can trust Karl."
Craig: Fort Worth, Texas

Experience The 555 Golf Academy

The 555 Golf Academy provides world class training that has been proven to provide immediate, dramatic and lasting results. Our 'Natural Progression of the Golf Swing' is a new paradigm. You need and deserve its simple magic immediately!

Dr. Karl Fischer

My name is Karl Fischer. I am a retired 'Airline Heavy Captain' with 'ATR' and 'PFe' degrees. That known high-performance discipline enriches and underpins my golf career. I am proudly a 'Certified International Master Teaching Professional' ('CIMTP'). I also achieved a 'Master Club Builder Certificate' as well as an 'IGA', which is a Ph.D in kinesiology as it relates to 'Sport Medicine', with 'Golf' as my specialty. Helping people to have more FUN golfing is my true 'Passion & Calling'. Excel at that every day!

I am the creator and proud owner of 'The 555 Golf System'. The team evolved through many exceptional years in western Canada and is now centrally located in hospitable Dallas Fort Worth, Texas where winters are days instead of months!

I am the proud leader of your very smart and dedicated '555 Team' made up of both 'Teachers and Players'. Having taught over 100,000 lessons, we can help you in all facets of your game.

Life is a short trip, far too brief to fumble your way through the 'Great Game Of Golf'. Having made the complicated 'Simplified', we can relate to all of you unique people with predictably permanent success. Don’t delay getting connected with your '555 Team'!

A Revolution

Join a new revolution in golf instruction. You will know what 555 Golf teaches you is true, by the results you achieve. Your 'Ball Flight' will tell the story! Honestly, many methods taught by your PGA Club Pros make absolutely no physical mechanical sense. Therefore, they do not create lasting results. Not only can you have trouble getting into many of the ascribed golf positions, but also the very motions might be contrary to the body’s natural biometrics.

Never with 555 Golf will you be expected to perform any physical golf movement, without understanding why. That is a core criteria! How can you improve if you do not understand what you are doing?

'Certified 555 Golf Teachers' will make sure you are given a reason why for anything they ask you to do. This is because our teaching is based on proven, easy to follow, science and not passed down outdated golf dogma. "Keep Your Head Down" is an absurd, prolific swing error! Start playing better golf immediately!

"Welcome Aboard!"

Play Better Golf

If you are looking for a way to start playing better golf based on the science of Kinesiology ('The Musculo-Skeletal Movements Of The Human Body'), you have certainly come to the right place. See for yourself why our members say they wish they had heard about 'The 555 Team' years ago. It would have saved them tens of thousands of dollars on over-rated equipment as well as famous so called top golf instructors, gadgets and gimmicks.

Golf doesn't have to be a complicated frustrating endeavour. Golf is actually fun to learn and play when you have a proper road map to work from. You shall start enjoying golf course architecture and strategy … 'That Walk In The Park'.

By actually knowing where your golf ball is going, the FUN begins. So sign up now and start playing better golf immediately.


The Perfect Problem Solving Golf Swing

This carefully-designed and highly useful approach to 'Mastering Golf Basics' is unique to the 'Golfing World'. Your '555 Team' humbly 'Sees Golf Differently'! 'Caring Breeds Creativity'. As you know, 'The Problem Solving Concepts' include …

  1. The Golfing Machine Concept,
  2. The Human Tether Ball Pole Concept,
  3. The Human Ratchet or Socket Set Concept,
  4. The Balsa Airplane Concept, and
  5. The Target Lever Dead Rope Concept.

Another facet in our vast teaching repertoire, is called 'The Natural Progression Of The Golf Swing … A New Paradigm'. Here is a clue … "I Drive As I Putt". (see 'The 5 Essential Elements') This is a fresh look at how to make golf simpler and a lot more FUN. These well-organized and often subtly delivered jewels of knowledge will start helping you the moment you become a member of our '555 Family'!

If you need any encouragement, simply connect with our students. Their testimonials speak volumes about who we are and what we accomplish. You deserve both!

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Our 555 Program instills "Confidence, Comfort & Consistency."

Over 1200 Proven Professional Pages means Resource VALUE!

"The '555 Golf Academy' has world-class informational resources and over four decades of study and teaching experience with all levels of golfers."
Michael: The Mental Keys