“My name is James and I live in the DFW metroplex. (Dallas) I have been taking lessons from Dr. Karl Fischer of the 555 Golf Academy for about 7 multi-hour lessons. With lots to consider, we work hard!

Before these lessons, I spent time with Karl some 15 years back, but it was recently time to improve. His teaching philosophy consists of many logical “Must Do” principals. Paying attention and following his rules matters!

The one ‘Big Get’ that I want to address here is the little “AND” word at the top of the back-and-up-swing. This transitioning discipline applies to the putting stroke, the chipping stroke … in fact to ALL swings including our driver!

I was practicing recently and decided to really focus on the “AND” at the top of my swing using a wedge. I quickly realized that the more I said the “AND” word at the top of my swing, the more I was able to be more consistent with my ball striking!

In fact, I lengthened the “AND” to “ANDDD”. I was pleasantly surprised to see such straight and lengthy ball flight with all my golf clubs. No more “Peeking” which has been a chronic habit.

My score is now going to come down! This current logical lesson structure has changed how I perceive my golf life and perform at my golf activities. My journey is far from over!

Thank You Dr. Karl and 555 Golf!”

— James F., Dallas, Texas

“I have been playing golf for 15 years with some different instructors along the way that mostly confused me. My game had recently fallen apart and after just one lesson I was back on track better than ever, bombing my hybrid 260 yards! But most importantly, I now have a road map to follow when things get off course. I am going to continue using him and will to get all the way down to scratch. Thank you Karl!”

— Jordan, McKinney, Texas

“Dr. Fischer is a great instructor … right on methods of a great ball striker, simple yet efficient. Highly recommend him.”

— Henry H., McKinney, Texas

“Highly recommend Dr Fischer for any aspect of your golf game. He is very committed to improving you game to enjoy the game of golf. All the mechanics and principles are explained and how they are common to putting thru driving the ball.”

— Larry W., Allen, Texas

“Karl’s been a great help not just in mechanics and method, but he is also thorough in helping the how’s and why’s “click” in my own head. That is Instruction I’ve needed for a long time. Glad I signed up.”

— Tim W., Dallas, Texas

“After several attempts to find an instructor willing to take on the task of teaching a novice, I luckily found Karl Fischer! He was not only willing to start with a very basic teaching technique but he also went far beyond by giving me additional time, reading material and constant positive feedback. The combination of Karl’s very technical approach to teaching and yet simplified way of explaining everything made learning golf very doable and very enjoyable even for a beginner. Whether you are a beginner as I was or someone with many years of experience at this game of golf that may have picked up bad habits lost your confidence or developed a mental block, I believe that Karl can have you playing at the top of your game in a very short time.”

— Colleen L., Fairview, Texas

“I enjoyed a couple of lessons with Karl. He’s a pleasure to be around but more than that, he’s a great teacher. We mostly worked on the short game and boy has that paid dividends! Rarely do I put up an ugly 7 on my scorecard anymore. The big numbers have been taken out of my game. My putting is now one of the best parts of my game when before it was the worst. Thanks to Karl. I now have a game plan and routine on the practice putting greens and chipping areas. Bottom line: Karl is a great coach/teacher and will give you more than you pay for. You really can’t go wrong with Karl.”

— Ron M., Dallas, Texas

“Karl will lower your score. Many of his things I learned have not been heard from any other source. What he taught about putting has been tremendous. From a Ph.D in Kinesiology, to his history of club making and 45 years of studying and teaching golf, Karl can teach the golf swing and so much more. I highly recommend Dr. Fischer at any level.”

— Greg H, Vancouver, Canada

“Karl’s explanation of the mechanics of golf is so simple that even a child can learn how to play golf with only a couple of lessons. The best part it that his 555 system gives immediate positive results. Besides being a great golf instructor, Karl is a very positive person to be around.”

— Michael A., San Francisco, California

“Wonderful personality, Excellent teacher, Boundless knowledge, Keeps it simple and basic for the beginner which show up in the results. Karl also has a great eye to tweak/repair bad habits for the advanced. Will go back to Karl again!”

— Bill G., New Orleans, Louisiana

“Dr. Karl’s ‘System’ is an amazingly simple experience that gets results. As he puts it, ‘555 Golf Is The Perfect Problem Solving Golf Swing’. I needed to get a tune up as I haven’t been diligent in many of the things Karl has taught me! After my lesson, I am back to doing the fundamentals he advocates! Very happy with Karl and highly recommend him if you want to improve your game!”

— Tom B., Allen, Texas

“Karl has incredible dedication to me, not only to my knowledge and understanding of golf, but more importantly to my enjoyment, confidence and consistency with the sport! When he explains a key aspect, you will know and get it. He always does a ‘De-Brief’ after each lesson. Can you imagine a golf teacher providing written materials? That’s Dr. Karl’s way of providing lasting value.”

— Cassie G., Plano, Texas

“Dr. Karl is the absolute best golf teacher I have ever met over decades of lessons.”

— Christian M., Frisco, Texas

“Great experience working with Karl. He made a complex game simple. He’s truly a teacher of the game. Starts with the basics, and gets your fundamentals strong to give you that added confidence when you’re playing. He took me from a double digit handicap to a single digit, in just 4 sessions. Thanks Karl.”

— Michael H., Grapevine, Texas

“Karl Fischer is the consummate golf professional with a sincere interest in improving ‘YOUR’ golf game. He spends the time with you that it takes to accomplish the task at hand and doesn’t limit himself to the 30-60 minute lesson time frame to accomplish that task. He summarizes the salient lesson points both verbally and in written form after the lesson for your future reference. He is a great teacher who is truly committed to making you a better player and the game more enjoyable to play.”

— Byron K., Arlington, Texas

“I require a lot of persistent patience. Karl is the ultimate in that department. He is most generous as well. If I ever need a moment of his time, he gives me two that help, guaranteed! I can tell you that Karl is worthy of my business and of my friendship.”

— Jake T., McKinney, Texas

“Karl Fischer and the 555 Golf Academy have been an inspiration to my golf game. My golf knowledge and understanding of the game has improved tremendously. I actually went to the Academy to get help in working with a torn shoulder and neck/back issue. I not only got help with swinging a golf club with injury, but picked up skills and knowledge of how to perform a proper golf swing that does not hurt to repeat. Probably the best thing I have gotten from 555 Golf Academy is a cure for the YIPS! At 555 Golf they have a technique that few possess, that can cure the YIPS. Karl can give you that key along with many others.”

— Carl S., Mobile, Alabama

“I am a PGA Professional and competitor. When I first met Karl Fischer I was the Head Golf Professional at Angel Park Golf Club in Las Vegas. He was a ‘Director of the Canadian I.G.A.’ He was a certified ‘Resort Golf Master Teaching Professional’ and was brought into the teaching program as a full-time instructor to add depth and strength. I remember well his first weeks on site. He was the first there in the morning and usually the last to leave late in the evening. He worked the line every day helping scores of golfers of all levels if they would simply take a moment to listen. This was free! Karl’s ease and quick success with absolute strangers was a great asset.

Karl became very popular with all my staff as someone who they could trust and go to for simple little observations and suggestions.

When we would have lunch together Karl and I always talked about the golf swing and his teaching principles. I liked what I heard. It made simple sense. So, when the opportunity came that I had time to devote a little effort towards improving my game and competing more, I asked Karl to spend some time with me. We started to work together.

I want to tell you, my biggest fear with taking lessons was that I was going to have to change everything. I am certainly not alone in this reservation. No players like the prospect of rebuilding their swing. That’s so personal and difficult. The process is rather intrusive and risky; like going to a strange doctor with a man’s problem!

Karl identified the very specific but basic areas of concern. He even told me that we may not change them; just make sure that the ‘various components and procedures’, as he calls them, matched. To my surprise all the defined changes took place by working on the positives of my routine. We focused on my strengths and made a few adjustments and the negatives went away; the major one, over about three to four weeks, almost without my noticing. My playing partners just, one day, mentioned how my swing had improved. I was pleased.

I do not want to take your time describing what my challenges were, but Karl and I (he insists we both did it) made lasting improvements that were both sensible and comfortable.

This made me a first-hand believer in Karl’s principles and abilities, but even more so in his sincere concern for my welfare. I talk to him whenever I compete just to bounce ideas and report my progress or difficulties. He cares. Our telephone conversations are really very productive, almost like lessons because he is such a good listener. He asks very pointed questions and provides just the right responses to promote my sticking to necessary basics. He makes me feel confident and important. You are getting a very positive-minded psychologist with this teacher. I think it is the ‘Whole Package’.

What you are about to read or hear from Dr. Fischer will make a permanent impression.

Simplicity really does solve complexity.”

— Dave B., Las Vegas, Nevada

“Cautious and leery of lessons! Took two that were really poor and turned me off! I did not really want to take any more, but I was really frustrated and knew I could do better. The past two lessons were too complicated and made me feel really awkward. My golf shots were confused and I just went back to my same old familiar habits. Falling back was easier and I lost less money too.

Karl made me comfortable right away. He told me simple things and proved to me that they were correct. He stuck at it until I made some good shots. I felt energized and improved right away. That was really good!

We gained ground right away and my shot making was better. That old worse than bogie handicap is history!

Karl was very generous in his time. He obviously enjoys the challenge and has the patient guts to stick at it until good things happened for me. After three decades of teaching, I thought he might be a bit burned out and thick skinned. Not the case at all!

My business life and time are complicated, but another session is a must. To fly half way across America to Las Vegas for a three-day golf lesson was a significant undertaking. Now I understand the simple basics so I can build and grow. Got to go to the next level for sure. Took strokes off and “Get Better Permanently!” as he says. The lesson was great!

Give Karl a call or send him an email. You will like him too.”

— Graham E., New York, NY

“Hope that you are fortunate enough to someday meet the writer.

This literary commitment, which truly reflects Karl’s sincerity, knowledge, devotion, tenacity and humility, is a good second best. He says he is not an instructor, but a ‘Teacher’. I do not know there to be so much in a name, but I do know first-hand that he deeply cares about every student regardless of his or her potential or level of development. That to me is his greatness and he is also a teacher. This effort will have impact. What you are about to experience will become a true legacy to the ‘Game of Golf’ and very likely more.

A lot of what Karl includes in this book is inspirational.


Karl was very generous in his time. He obviously enjoys the challenge and has the patient guts to stick at it until good things happened for me. After three decades of teaching, I thought he might be a bit burned out and thick skinned. Not the case at all!

My business life and time are complicated, but another session is a must. To fly half way across America to Las Vegas for a three-day golf lesson was a significant undertaking. Now I understand the simple basics so I can build and grow. Got to go to the next level for sure. Took strokes off and “Get Better Permanently!” as he says. The lesson was great!

Give Karl a call or send him an email. You will like him too.”

— Lynn S., Delta, Canada

“I wanted to get back to football and hockey where the pain was predictable and understandable. Golf was killing me!

I am athletic! Could kick, throw, block, tackle, run, check, hit cracking slap shots and keep up with the best, but that stupid little ball was destroying my ego and reputation. Sissies played golf! But I had a few really good buddies who abandoned all their testosterone and taste for pigskin and violent crashes for quiet walks in the park packing a seemingly useless bag of sticks and never enough balls!

As easy as golf appears, it is not! As boring as golf seems, it is not! As geriatric as golf must be, it is not! I was in a serious corner at the end of a dead ended hallway going nowhere with this made for TV four letter word. Then I met Karl and got to know Johnny Dudley. They made the understandable understood. The obscure became simple and clearly sensible. I learned how to putt, chip and pitch. Eventually my new skills included smashing grand drives and getting the ball into that little hole in par! Fabulous!

Dudley was really cool. His highest gear was about third and his revs were calm. But his RPM was marvelous!

Dr. Fischer was ruthless, sincere, dedicated and made good things happen. He was very patient as long as I was working at what we mutually decided and improving at it. If not, he just left me alone wondering what was next! He knows how each one of our swings might work best to make us happy on the links. We are all different, so that ‘ONLY WAY’ does not exist. Karl stressed that and never stopped looking for our little advantages and strengths to apply to the various tasks. His influence on me, and on so many others that I know, has been powerful and meaningful. Lifelong! His focus on my thought process, discipline and routine has been the real magic. Now I believe in the process and myself too.

I gave up regularly. He said “Never Give Up!” and so I didn’t. Glad we got to know each other and become friends!”

— Alan K., Bellingham, WA

“Karl, as a compliment to you, during my 67 years, I’ve spent a lot of time with both teachers and instructors. I’ve met some excellent ones and many that are less than excellent. I’m not speaking about just teaching golf here … I am referring to all teachers!

In my opinion, you as a teacher, stand tall among the excellent ones.

I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet you.

Kindest regards,”

— Dick B., Arlington, Texas

“I would rather be golfing or practicing my swing than about anything else. Hooked is an understatement!

Have taken lots of lesson and read about everything ever written on the game and swing. Karl has written more on this subject than anyone I have ever heard of. Six books, newsletters and tons of other quality materials! All his lessons are summarized in simple one page pertinent documents. This is a great asset! To him, the airline captain, it is just a normal discipline! His written words are really carefully chosen and deliver a very clear message.

His spoken words are immensely better!

Nowhere would I have suspected to find this quality of golf instruction. It was all the time right on my back door in Las Vegas!

What a pleasure it has been working with Karl.

Hope you can do so!”

— Fritz H., Las Vegas, Nevada

“Thanks for the ‘Welcome Home’ memo. Vicki and I enjoyed meeting and spending the time with you over this past weekend. I am excited about what you have taught me and I will begin practicing and perfecting the simple basics today. There was distinct, measurable improvement while we were with you. I wanted to start working on my regimen last night, but couldn’t quite make it. A little tired and a little late after our multi-staged flight and drive!

I know your future Karl will be progressively brighter and brighter. My many lessons, and golf schools over the years, assures me that any quality golf establishment across our great nation would welcome you with open arms. The DFW area is fortunate to have you.

God has given you many wonderful gifts that have and shall continue to touch other people’s lives. Among these are your rare teaching principals and deep golf knowledge. I thank you for teaching them to me and to my sweetheart Vicki!

I appreciate the exercise drills you gave me and look forward to any more that you might provide in the future. Keep your ‘555 Golf Newsletter’ coming our way!

The actual golf drills too are really practical and to the point! Very useful!

We will stay in touch and see you again soon.

We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.”

— Stan and Vicki K., Tennessee

“I continue to be really proud of Karl.

I met him decades ago at Cal Aeronautics where I taught advanced flight parameters to instructors and airline transport pilots. Karl was very quick to learn and equally as dedicated and a bit hard headed. I can assure you, that attribute contributes to his success. He is usually a gentle perfectionist, but not always. If you want to get the golf challenges defined and the job accomplished you will have come to the right man.

Now that he is Dr. Fischer, I look up to him more and respect what I know was and is his ability. I agreed to read his books in draft form just to do him a favour! I wanted to help him discover typos and point out any weak area as he requested. Boy was I wrong! The six books were gripping, entertaining and thorough. Once I got started, they did not let me go! I should have known!

Of course, I studied the game under my teacher so we were on the same page. Imagine my student ultimately teaching me! That is the magic of it!

Captain Fischer teaches golf with the same confident fire and skill with which he flies airline heavies. My trips up front in 47 with him across the pond were very special.

Get in touch with him!”

— Bill T., Everett, Washington

“You said a mouthful in your ‘E-mails’ and lessons to me and I am sure to many fortunate others!

All I know is that I owe you, my friend, a huge “THANKS”!

I was first intrigued, but a little skeptical of the claim that you could ‘Cut A Handicap In Half In 3 Lessons’. I’ve played golf for almost 10 years and had countless lessons. I’ve been to big name instructors, golf video schools, small time instructors and everyone in between. I’ve read countless articles and “Tips” trying to get better, yet my scores didn’t reflect the work I put into the game. Something was wrong!

I came to you in March shooting in the mid 90’s on good days. I honestly thought that I had reached my feeble potential at golf. I was an emotionally deflated challenge to you! Your stern patience was beyond expectations. We had moments didn’t we?

After our third lesson, it all came together. I understood how to keep my wrist flat at impact with every shot. I’ve shot 85, 82, 89 with two poor decision holes in my last three rounds. I’m hitting golf shots I never thought I’d hit (like GPS measured 280+ drives several times a round). I honestly expect to shoot mid 80’s or better every time out … perhaps in those elusive 70s!

The amazing thing is that you’ve changed my focus to completely different aspects of the swing than I’d previously focused on. I feel like I understand the key components of the golf swing more, but think so much less about it. (Not by accident I am sure!) Instead of worrying about body positions and a “paint by numbers” swing, I focus on a solid ‘PSR’ and those great ‘555 Fundamentals’. Then I can trust the swing will find the target. I used to obsess at the range trying to “find and keep” my swing. Now I practice less and play more. I trust my swing will be there and it is! My mind and body are free!

The best part of all is that when my swing goes a little astray, I’m totally confident that I can find the fix in something basic you taught me. My golf mind and ‘Library’ as you so aptly put it, is growing every week!

I used to think the golf swing was some complex puzzle I’d never figure out. You taught me it was something very rewardingly simple. For that I’ll always be grateful!”

— Ed R., Fort Worth, Texas

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