Finally you can discover how to permanently repeat improved golf swings like a well oiled machine!

A prerequisite for reading on is that you have ”Desire’, are ‘Honest’ and have an ‘Open Mind’! Have you go these tools in your bag?

Are you frustrated with your lack of consistency and wonder why you cannot reliably repeat your great golf shots in a consistent manner? Your best round on Tuesday and your worst on Wednesday on the same course? You are absolutely correct, it is ludicrous!

You know what, I totally understand how frustrating it is to know that ‘You Are Capable Of Hitting Great Golf Shots’ on occasion, but you have no idea how to repeat them on demand … let alone repeatedly. If you can do ‘IT’ once, you can do it twice! If you can do ‘IT’ twice, you can perform to a higher level on demand!

Do not worry about your ‘Golf Future’! Be encouraged! When you grasp ‘The 555 Golf System’, you will finally discover what you need to do to ‘Master A Consistent Swing’ WITHOUT hours of practice! The ‘555 Golf System’ will have you hitting great shot after great shot just like a well oiled machine. Our secret is found in ‘Mastering Golf Basics’ (‘MGB’) and Focusing On Fundamentals’ (‘FOF’).

Now, before I explain our system to you …

⚑ Imagine playing a game of golf hitting ‘Drives’ as well as your best ever ‘Drive’.
⚑ Imagine striking every ”Full Swing’ as well as your best ever ‘Full Swing’.
⚑ Imagine hitting every ‘Punch & Knock Down Shot’ to your best ability.
⚑ Imagine hitting every ‘Pitch’ as well as your best ever ‘Pitch’.
⚑ Imagine striking every ‘Bunker Shot’ (grass or sand) like a ‘PGA Touring Pro’.
⚑ Imagine hitting every ‘Chip’ as well as your best ever ‘Chip’.
⚑ Imagine hitting every ‘Putt’ to perfection.
⚑ Imagine getting ‘Up & Down in 2’!
⚑ … or occasionally ‘ONE’!

How low will your scores become when you can consistently accomplish this reality?

Picture in your ‘Mind’s Eye’ the satisfaction and confidence you will feel walking onto the golf course knowing you have mastered a sensible ‘System’ that enables you to consistently repeat what you did during your greatest rounds of golf.

Imagine playing golf without that feeling of hopelessness that degrades into despair? No longer living on the hope of yet another failed ‘Quick Fix’? You will be able to do so because you will have ‘A Method Of Playing Golf’ … a method that gives you the long term golfing consistency and success you have always wanted and dreamed about. You are about to ‘Master Golf Basics’!

Is there anything worse than walking off the course knowing you could have saved 5, 6, 7 or more shots easily if it were not for dumb mistakes followed by ‘Stupid Decisions’? Worse still, you could have likely saved those ‘Strokes’ in your ‘Short Game’ alone?

Great shots off the teeing ground set-up good ‘Approach Shots’, and enable success around the ‘Dance Floor’. You know that great ‘Putting Rounds’ are made up of good ‘Approach Shots’? You know a Touring Pro who has only ’22 Putts’ over 18 holes, has made some very good ‘Approach Shots’! What a revelation!

  • Don’t you hate missing shots in a game that you can play easily while practicing?
  • Isn’t it frustrating having to write down a score on practically every hole that should easily be one, two or more shots smaller! Big numbers suck!
  • Isn’t it depressing after your games of golf to think how many shots better you should have scored if it were not for the massive range and inconsistency between your great golf shots and your bad golf shots?
  • Don’t you hate the fact that you never get given a permanent solution to your consistency problems, only ‘Band-Aids & Quick Fixes’ that seem to mask the real base issue or problem for but a short period of time?

Have you noticed how many golfers talk about ‘A Plan’ but do not really have one? If they do, they never stick with it? “All Talk And No Action!”

What these good folks are in need of is a custom-designed ‘Comprehensive Step-By-Step Plan’ that helps create and stabilize a supportive ‘Mental Routine’ (see ‘PSR’ – less than 20 seconds). Note, we do not use the word “During”? We ‘EXECUTE’ our ‘Golf Shots’ primarily in the ‘Subconscious Mode’. We ‘SET-UP’ in the ‘Conscious Mode’ and wake up when we ‘Exhale’ in the ‘Follow Finish Phase’ of the swing event.

A ‘Mental Routine’ includes specific steps that ‘Players’ use every time they prepare and strike ‘ANY’ golf shot. The reward and ‘System’, in turn, gives them an optimal chance of success. (see ‘Repetition’) This ‘Disciplinary Process’ obviously leads to improved consistency that we have all wanted and dreamed about. It does so without the hours and hours of practice we have been brain-washed into thinking was absolutely necessary!

A good ‘PSR’ (‘Combined Mental & Physical’) is what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as “Setting Up For Success”!

‘555 Golf’ accomplishes this without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment! “You Cannot Buy A Swing!”

Here’s How This ‘555 System & Game Plan’ Is Organized.

After the first week or two of the plan (depending on your applied practice) you will develop and use the exact same ‘Pre Shot Routine’ (‘PSR’) before each shot. The ‘Putting and Driving PSR’ are surprisingly very similar! The proof is in the pudding!

The reason your ‘555 Team’ designed ‘The System’ in this manner was to give each golfer the necessary ‘Knowledge & Skills’ to ultimately personalize his or her routine. We need each shot to match, as closely as possible, what we did mentally and physically when we hit our great golf shots … ‘Optimization’! Utilizing ‘The Plan’ will enable you to become ‘Repetitive’ and ‘Happier’! (see ‘Golf’s Mental Library’)

Do not think for a moment that you have to religiously do grueling daily exercises. That could not be further from the truth. You can do 2, 3, 4 or however many days of the plan you want! Take a break and then pick up again where you left off. No problem! Why? Because we have based all our ‘System’ on cumulative ‘Science’ … ‘The Physics Of Rotation’ and ‘The Geometry Of The Circle’.

Here is a little ‘Work Smart’ trick! When you just cannot get the stick and ball together outside on the range, follow a ‘Scenario Based Training’ (‘SBT’) regimen. This means you simply get in a ‘Practice Frame Of Mind’ (‘Indoors’) and go through your routine ‘Between Your Ears’. You can take it a step farther? Stand up in your office and make ‘Slow Motion Drills’, without and then with a club. Might I suggest that you always keep a ‘Short Iron’ and your ‘Putter’ beside your desk? You can train your mind anywhere!

Likewise, you can do most of your swing exercises at home … anytime, day or night with very little time commitment and ‘In Slow Motion’ as well as at ‘Full Speed’. (see ‘Slow Motion Drills’) Whiffle balls are a great training aid!

Your ‘Desire’ and efficient ‘Time Commitment’ are primary.

The ‘555 Team’ knows what it is like to play or practice very little but still have a burning desire to really improve at this “Great Game Of Golf”. That is why we designed ‘The 555 Golf System’ to fit around golfers busy lives instead of being your lives.

“Perfect Practice Makes Permanent!”

Your ‘555 Team’ can assure you that, when you practice there is no guarantee you are going to get better, if you are practicing the wrong things or the right things in the wrong way … “What A Waste Of Time!”

With this system you are ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ without hours of practice.

This ‘555 System’ is so easy to follow even a beginner can do it. I wish I had this system when I was a kid. Who knows how good I could have become and how much money I would have saved on lessons, books, video’s and gadgets, not to mention how much time I wasted practicing things that were never going to help me improve.

The bad news is that, were I to have had ‘Proper Support’ (and suffered less) I might not have been here right now helping ‘YOU’. I would have likely hung out with a different crowd? Professional playing opportunities and incomes may have come knocking?

My ‘Frustration Quotient’ would have had provided far less pain!

Not particularly good at suffering known punishment!

Now you know “The Rest Of The Story!”

Thanks for being here!

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