Listen For It

We are well-served by NOT turning our heads too early to watch the ‘Ball Rolling Line and the Outcome’ (Fear Oriented). As you well know, your ‘555 Team’ are foundational ‘Process Golfers’ (Love & Comfort Oriented). We like to focus on our specific ‘Pre Shot Routines’ (Building Trust) and then just ‘Letting IT Happen’. If you have earned success, the ball will ‘Find The Bottom Of The Cup’ and you can actually enjoy “Listening For It”. (The Rattle)

As you well know, we are proponents of ‘The Steady Head’ with all golf procedures. ‘Ocularly Acute Captain Eyes’ invite the ‘Steady Headed’ benefits. (see ‘The Tether Ball Pole’) If your head is moving around, it is highly likely that your ‘Putter Head’ (Clubhead) will be as well. A poorly controlled ‘Sweet Spot’ shall produce a ‘Poorly Controlled Ball Flight’. (see ‘Sloppy Energy Transfer’ with too much induced ‘Spin Rate’) Pretty logically sensible? (see ‘Marking Your Golf Balls’ …Use a 1.5” Line that Matches the Target Line & 1 Ballistic Dot placed on each end at the Bottom Inside Cheek Point or BIC)

We have our ‘Heads or Tails Bullet-Proof Skill Drill’. Great asset! We also have our really key ‘Intermediate Target’, which is about 15 inches in front of the ball on the ‘Initial Ball Rolling Line’. (also ‘Initial Ball Flight Line’ for Stage 3 Procedures involving Wrist Cock & Pivot) Might I suggest that you keep focus on the ‘Heads or Tails Drill’ until your golf ball has actually rolled over ‘The 15 Inch I/T’ (see ‘Ball Rolling Line Gate). Thereafter, allow your ‘Ocular Mental Focus’ to smoothly and gently follow the ball ‘Down The Line’ (DTL). (see ‘The 8 Step Putting & Chipping Pre Shot Routine & Diagram’)

Why does the ‘555 Team’ utilize this ‘Chase, Follow, Finish & Hold’ procedure? Because you must allow your mind to evaluate your performance. In this manner you can improve your technique and performance by gathering ‘Performance Data’. (see ‘Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release’ … ALSDR … The highly useful ‘Power Line Delivery Sequence’)

If ‘Listening For The Rattle At The Bottom Of The Cup’ were all that mattered, you could practise ‘Get Lucky Putting In The Dark’! Best Of Luck’ in that endeavour!

Can you handle a closing ‘Posture Point’? The Taller you stand the ‘Rounder Your Orbital Clubhead Path and the Flatter Your Swing Plane’. The more bent over (Forward Inclined), the ‘Straighter Your Putting and Chipping Stroke and Roll’ shall become. (see ‘The Kyphotic, Brace Hand Push, the Nicklaus Putting Technique’)

award winning golf academy McKinney Texas
Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.


Unloaded Target Wrist Hinge Think about our ‘Pre-Shot Routine’ tasking of ‘Pres-Pres’. This is also called ‘Impact Fix’ which is a ‘Primary Task’...

Clinics & Schools

Just had an ‘AskUs’ e-Mail from a ‘555 Golf Round Table Member’. Great to be globally connected! Thank you for that privilege! She asked what was...
all putts are dead straight

Where Are You Looking

HIT THE BALL WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING Under Precise Control Use precisely measured and defined ‘Targets’ (see ‘Ballistic, Intermediate and Far’ -...
award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

Calibrated Average Distance

One must know how far his or her ball actually ‘Flies or Carries’ in order to have the ability to ‘Manager The Game’, out there, for real using a...
award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

Ball Flight Control

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Thought Stimulation

A high-backed chair at the ‘555 Academy Round Table’ affords opportunity, accomplishment and entertainment. The following is a simple list of...
Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

Alternative to Ground Sticks

Couple of early thoughts? Do not practise without a ‘Ground Stick’ to indicate ‘Target Line or Initial Ball Flight Line’. This simple device helps...

Baseline Thoughts

‘Mastering Golf Basics’ never goes ‘Out Of Fashion’. This very important ‘Putting & Chipping Stage One Procedure’ (No Wrist Cock and No Pivot)...
award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

Your Perfect Golf Swing

Is ‘Iron Byron (the infamous club testing machine) capable of ‘A Perfect Repeating Golf Swing’? Perhaps momentarily or occasionally? Perhaps not?...
award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

Golf Academy Goal

Become Your Own Coach To accomplish this feat, one must have a foundation such as our ‘555 Mastering Golf Basics’. (MGB) Pretending and ‘Wishing...

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