It always helps to have a sound basis upon which we build any structure. We have Newtonian physics and then we have really useful contributions from people of thought and method like Homer Kelley. His ‘Little Yellow Book’, ‘The Golfing Machine’, has both educated and driven golfers nuts. You must procure a copy and commit to becoming familiar with its contents over time. If you cannot locate a copy, contact us and we shall assist in you acquisition. It is worth a read!

This ‘Machine’ term is really apt. What are we when making a solid ‘Golf Strike’ but a ‘Three Part Human Machine’, especially when we can make a ‘Golf Ball’ go away profound distances? This application of ‘Force’ is best very ‘Machine Like’ and thus repeatable. How wonderful that would be!

To make it simple, your ‘555 TEAM’ breaks the overall machine down into ‘Bottom And Top Aspects’. They are called the ‘Lower Body (LBM) and Upper Body Machines (UBM)’. (two of the three parts) The ‘LBM’ (the Axial Skeleton, part head to toes) goes ‘Round & Round’ and thus creates all the ‘Horizontal Motion’ while the (UBM) produces all the ‘Up & Down’ or ‘Vertical Motion’. The ‘Hands and Arms’ (the Radial Skeleton, Lever Assemblies) are the ‘UBM’ and DO NOT generally create any ‘Horizontal Motion’!

Additionally we divide the total machine into ‘Left And Right Vertical Aspects’. We call these the ‘Brace and Target Sides’ for practical reasons. The ‘Brace Side’ drives or provides the ‘Rotational Power’ (‘Rear Wheel Drive’) as in all sports motions such as baseball, tennis, boxing and more. The ‘Target Side’ provides ‘Balance or Stability’, invites proper directionally controlled ‘Rotation’ (‘Gate-ing’) and then catches you after you have made your ‘Powerful Pivot or Turn Towards the Target’. The ‘Target Side’ enables you to swing and finish ‘In Balance’. You need to ‘SET-UP For Success’ so you can ‘EXECUTE’ properly, attain your predetermined ‘Rotational’ goals and be happy with ‘Golf’! You will soon learn about the term, ‘STEER SO YOU CAN CLEAR’. It is a key ‘Lower Body Machine STANCE’ term that, being understood, will pay you big dividends! ‘ASK US!’

The third part is the ‘Head Machine’. Now that’s a whole new life-long consideration! ‘ASK US’ about ‘The Mental Keys’. ‘DO IT NOW!’

This system of ‘Nomenclature’ should be beneficial to your understanding of and communication about the Golf Swing’s manifold idiosyncrasies and mechanics. Knowing just a few ‘Physical Truths’ will found your growth.

We further break down the overall ‘Physical Performance’ into ‘Components & Procedures’. These are the ‘Machine Parts’ and what we do with them is ‘Motions or Procedures’. Simple approach, wouldn’t you think?

Lots more to come!

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