These ‘One On One’ sessions are masterful. The ‘555 Team’ deals directly with real issues and gets immediate positive results. You shall come away from any ‘Private Lesson’ informed and rejuvenated. Your skill set will have improved and your scoring will have come down to Earth. You deserve the boost in having more FUN out there.

A really effective format is that ‘Husbands & Wives’ who enjoy each other’s company, can arrange to take a ‘Private Couple Lesson’. Your ‘555 Team’ thinks this shared activity is perhaps the most successful arrangement in lesson format.

We find that two comparably skilled golfers can also benefit from a shared lesson. Watching your good golfing buddy make great shots helps you visualize and make better shots as well. It is a little like a ‘Live Human Video’.

1- Dr. Karl Fischer, CIMTP — By Appointment Only

2- ‘Certified Teaching Professional’ (‘CTP’) / Income Rate $85.00/hr

3- ‘Certified Master Teaching Professional’ (‘CMTP’) / Income Rate $135.00/hr

$50 Lesson Credit

For any Loyal and appreciative ‘555 Golf Family Member’ who has ‘Subscribed To The 555 Golf Newsletter in calendar year 2021’, (Retroactive with Proof Of N/L Purchase) he or she shall be entitled to a ‘$50 Lesson Credit’ from any of our ‘555 Golf Certified Teaching Professionals (CTP). This Participation is ‘Non-Transferable’.

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