Who Is Dr. Karl Fischer?

Dr. Karl M. Fischer / Certified International Master Teaching Professional

Karl is a 40 year dedicated veteran who has come up through the golf trenches. Having provided in excess of 100,000 golf lessons, before long ago stopping count, Dr. Fischer continues helping good people improve and have more fun on a daily basis. He says, “We can make smart changes in clients’ swings very much faster than they expect. Our proven system involves less cost and reduced frustration. Quicker smiles are a good thing!”

It is estimated that the number of ‘Junior Lessons’ during Karl’s career, years ago, totaled in excess of 30,000. Every year Fischer organized golf clinics for bright-eyed youngsters helping them to better understand the ‘Golf Swing’ and thus have more ‘FUN’. Seventy to eighty students per day, four days a week for ten to twelve weeks every summer adds up. His personal client list numbers well in excess of 10,000 students, a third of whom are still on his mailing list and contact him regularly for advice!

He says, “This battle tested and proven ‘555 Golf System’ quickly prevents or fixes negative playing issues … permanently! We do not rebuild our patients. It is more prudent to simply modify rather than doing major surgery! Smart little steps we take are very predictable with certain outcome!”

“Spending a lifetime in ‘Golf Purgatory’ is sheer stupidity and wilful punishment. Let’s avoid or get over that right now!” ‘555 Golf’ offers ‘Mechanical, Mental, Course, Fitness, Nutritional, Equipment and Financial Management’ … all of which comprises our known ‘Success Formula’.

You can spend time with a certified member the ‘555 Team’ or with the ‘Golf Doctor’ himself. Please utilize all these world class ‘555 Information Resources’ which are at your generous disposal … e-mails are all read and responded to 24/7. (www.555golf.com) The time to start improving was ‘YESTERDAY’! So ‘DO IT NOW’!

Karl says emphatically, “A good golf lesson is simple and always helps as long as the student and teacher are on the same page and doing smart work. ‘Fitness’ is a primary factor! My students are living testimony! The ‘555 TEAM’ has an unusual and sincere ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ policy. What we do every day truly works wonders!”

Karl tells us that “Golf is a ‘Life-Long Leisure Skill’ that warrants our dedication! It is a wonderfully endless ‘Journey’. It is never too late to start improving and having more predictable ‘FUN’. Don’t miss one more moment opportunity!”

We Are Here Because You Are There!

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