Why 555 Golf?

The ‘555 Team’ realizes how important ‘Golf’ is to ‘YOU’!

Our day to day intention and practise is really quite simple. We shall provide thorough, easy to understand golf instruction that is based on facts rather than passing fancy, silly gimmicks, faulty training aides, soft opinions or a lot of guesswork.

The traditional ‘Golf Camp Fire Tales’ passed down from generation to generation have been largely myth and mystery. We have often been caught guessing at solutions to chronic problems. They may work for the few, but not for the many. Many or most will not likely work for you.

With decades of study and experience we have produced ‘The Perfect Problem Solving Golf Swing’ that works flexibly, yet reliably under pressure for ‘YOU’ … for all golfers! The ‘555 Team’ has done a lot of your work. This shortens the ‘Journey To Happiness’.

We have a rare and ‘Unique System’ that is science based and proven over decades of successful application to thousands of eager and very particular clients. Our family is growing and we are progressively reaching out more effectively to thousands world-wide.

Our ‘555 Golf Website’ is fresh and potent. You shall discover world-class resources that will help you along your ‘Golf Journey’. When you get a little stuck, ‘Logged In’ members, shall have their very own ‘Certified Teaching Professional’ (‘CTP’) ‘On Retainer’ … ‘Live Support’ in this industry is unheard of!

Our vast ‘Library’ and ‘Video Vault’ are masterful. The hundreds of ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Q&A’ attest powerfully to our teaching success. You will soon know for yourself!

We provide written guidelines so you have a valued reference to keep in your possession when separated from your ‘555 Teaching Team’. We seldom see students taking adequate notes, so we provide them for you.

‘Complexity Is Solved By Simplicity’. As you make the learning effort with our assistance, you shall find this truth first hand.

It is our objective to prepare you both ‘Mentally & Mechanically’ to ‘Evaluate and Correct Swing and Course Management Errors’ while ‘Out There’ in the ‘Heat Of Battle’. We call it ‘Fixing On The Fly’.

Your ‘555 Team’ is a ‘Proud Group’ and we mean what we say!

Your Golf Red Book is the foundation of ‘The 555 Golf System’World-Class Pacesetter

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