I want to play better golf Plano Texas - Check out the 555 Golf Academy

Firstly, we need both ‘General and Specific Knowledge’. This includes A) Ball Flight Laws, B) The 5 Set-Ups (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment), C) The 5 Essential Elements (Clubface Aim, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed. Sweet Spot & Angle Of Attack) and D) The 5 Controls (Chin, Hands, Feet, Ball & Pin). These are basic golf foundations for you!

We need to understand A) The Golf Body Machine, B) Equipment, C) The Mental Aspect, D) Nutritional, E) Course Management and F) ‘How To Practise With A Purpose’.

Once we have the above basics mastered, we shall fully understand that “There Is A Putt In Every Drive” or alternatively “I Drive As I Putt”. Sound a bit outlandish? Absolutely scientifically true! Once you embrace this ‘Truth & Reality’, based on ‘The 5 Essential Elements’, you shall be amazingly ‘FREE’ to grow your game.

Think about this scientific truth! “The First 8-12 Inches Of My Driver Take-Away’ is almost the same as ‘The First 8-12 Inches Of My Putter Take-Away.” (see ‘Quiet & Stable Triangles with a Sweeping Clubhead’ with depth and width.)

Your ‘555 Team’ makes sure you grow into your equipment and all that it is designed for. Can you Putt’? Can you ‘Putt With An 8 Iron? ‘A Chip Is A Putt With a Hop’! How about a ‘Bump & Run’? It is logically just a bigger ‘Chip’ with a club that provides the necessary ‘Loft’ to accomplish your desired ‘Trajectory’. Key skills matter! (see ‘Protocols’)

The following progressive ‘8 Steps To Success’ are just versions of ‘Putting’ with longer sticks and bigger swings! Think ‘Swing Length Progression’! 1) Putting, 2) Chipping, 3) Bump & Run, 4) Knock-Down, 5) Punch, 6) Pitch, 7) Full Swing and 8) Driver. Simplicity Solves Complexity!

There are a lot of special tricks, but you shall soon learn them. ‘Mastering Golf Basics’ (MGB) is formidably powerful! You shall soon become ‘Confident, Comfortable and Consistent’.