The ‘5 CONTROLS’ ..... always!

  1. Stroke is executed with both ‘Wrist Cock and Pivot’ ‘Components’ involved and is, therefore, very close to being a Full Swing just with less ‘COIL-UnCOIL’ (ROM).
  2. Pitching is simply an ‘Extended’ version of the ‘Chipping Stroke’. There is more ‘Range of Motion’ and thus, more ‘Clubhead Speed’. The Ball goes farther! Trajectory is simply a matter of the factories ‘Loft’.
  3. There is a ‘Putting Stroke’ in the ‘Pitching Stroke’.
  4. ‘MORE AIR TIME THAN GROUND ROLL TIME’. Ball tends to Run very little upon contacting the ground and, if there is much ‘Back Spin’, the Ball may even ‘Back Up’.
  5. ‘BRACE GRIP Slightly Stronger’ than in Putting and Chipping.
  6. ‘GRIP’ may be Shortened (Choked Down).
  7. ‘Moderate GRIP Pressure’. Don’t squeeze and kill the chicken!
  8. ‘STANCE’ is just outside the ‘Rib Cage’ of under the Arm Pits. It is not too wide.
  9. ‘BALL LOCATION’ relatively ‘Centre of Stance’ or forward under your Clavicle (Proximal End).
  10. ‘ALIGNMENT’ may be slightly OPEN or Parallel but NOT Closed.
  11. ‘STANCE’ (Target Foot) is OPEN so the Hips can Rotate and Clear to the Target.
  12. ‘WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION’ is relatively centered or may be very slightly forward to promote a more vertical ‘Angle of Attack’. Pitched Balls must be ‘Pinched Balls’.
  13. Slight ‘Forward Press’ of the Club Handle is generally beneficial. ‘Hands must lead the Clubhead Through the IMPACT and SEPARATION Zone’.
  14. ‘Wrist Cocking’ is quite early in the ‘Back Swing’. The Swing is quite ‘Up & Down’.
  15. There is reduced ‘Loading Rotation, Coil or Pivot’ in this ‘Procedure’ as compared with the ‘Full Swing’.
  16. Finish (Swing Sequence #8 - #9) with ‘Belly Button or Belt Buckle Square to the Target and Hands in front of your Chest’. You may not have a SS #9.
  17. ‘DISTANCE’ is controlled by ‘CLOCKING’
  18. ‘DISTANCE’ is controlled by ‘Choking Down on the GRIP’
  19. ‘DISTANCE’ is controlled by the ‘Narrowing the Width of your ‘STANCE’. This reduces the length of your Swing or the ‘Circumference of the Circle’ and thus reduces the Clubhead Speed with little or no ‘FEEL’ Change other than in the ‘SET-UP’ Mode. How Simple!

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