Firstly, our underlying topic is ‘Spinal Configuration and Knee Flex’. Not much is more pertinent or important to making an effective golf strike! (see Clubface Aim [Open, Square & Closed], Clubhead Path [Inside-out Square & Outside-In] and Club Shaft Swing Plane’ [Above, On & Below … also Under, On and Over’].

When we discuss ‘Alignment’ (#5 of the 5 Set-Ups) we can be ‘Open, Square and Closed’. It might be thought that perfectly ‘Square’ is ideal. That is simply not always the human case in golf or just plain old life! We are ‘Imperfect Beings’ so our activities are not always perfect. There are many alternatives, variables and nuances. Ball Flight is always our biggest critic!

How might we get into a neutral or a different yet ideal ‘Take-Away and Strike’ configuration? We have a big range of ‘Spinal Inclination’ (forward & back) as well as ‘Spinal Tilt’ (aft Brace & fore Target)(see ‘Out Of Plumb Conditions’).

Try this! Standing comfortably Chin & Chest tallish … upright creating space between your Hips and Sternum! Stance Width just outside the Hip Sockets with the Brace Foot Square and the Target Foot Open about 45 degrees for a full swing. So far, we are plumb or vertical. Like simply ‘Throwing A Baseball’, we cannot go to work in this configuration.

Need to get prepared to be mobile or in a smart motion potential … flexed knees with slightly more weight on the balls of our feet. How might we accomplish this feat? Standing Tall, very slowly and softly release our ‘Vertical Knee or In-Line Tension’. As we accomplish this release, the knee joints will noticeably come out of ‘Lock’ and ‘Plunk’ to a lowered position. Our butt cheeks will ‘PLUNK’ (drop & stop) just a couple inches!

As this happens, our natural human bouncing balance will cause us to ‘Forward Incline’, moving weight or Mass slightly toward the toes. Now we are more ‘Athletic’ and ready to go to work! Lots more details or nuances for further discussion! Enough for now!

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas
Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.


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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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