If he or she is your ‘Carbon Copy Fraternal Twin’ … perhaps! But, your ‘555 Team’ would seldom promote this method of accomplishing a decent and repeatable golf swing.

“Why!” you ask. Two good answers … 1) Because we are all different physiologies and mentalities! We never ascribe to any ‘Cookie Cutter’ approach to developing a golf swing. It is a path to frustration. 2) Because we all see and perceive a third parties golf swing differently from both a mechanical and from a perspective point of view. They practise every day! You don’t!

What you think you see may not really be true! This is very much like the bold difference between ‘Mechanics & Feel’. Knowing golf swing basics takes training and experience. There is no question that many instructors are misinterpreting and teaching the golf swing incorrectly. Each of our ‘555 Team’ continues to learn from every hungry student. We thank you!

Additionally, as you already know, the ‘555 System’ recognizes and utilizes ‘The 11 Swing Sequences Method’. It is quite detailed and advanced but tangible for any advanced student.

When we are more neophyte, we cannot focus efficiently on ‘11 Swing Sequences’. So, “What should we do? Where should we start?” Great question! See if this answer makes simple sense. Relax! We are not going to discuss each of the ‘11 Swing Sequences’.

We must get into a properly functional ‘Set-Up or Impact Fix Position’. (Swing Sequence #1) Where and how we trigger our ‘Take-Away’ is critical. The Top Of Back Swing (TOB … SS #5 or Transition Point) is really important and deserves our attention. The ‘Impact & Separation Zone (SS #8) is of major significance! Making solid contact is the ‘Common Denominator’ in all ‘Player Quality Swings and Strikes’. ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) is vital!

You might “AskUs!” about the ‘Top Of Front Swing or Finish’ (TOF … SS #10) It is worthy of our attention, but it is directly the result of the entire ‘Swing Energy & Mechanics’. If your entire swing is stable and functional, so too will be your TOF. Your ‘Pivot Axis Is King!’

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