True & Pure Ball Striking

The foundational ‘Golf Stroke Procedure’ is the ‘Push Basic Stroke’. You already know this as ‘The Putting & Chipping Stroke’. The ‘Full Swing’ is called the ‘Punch Basic Stroke’. (‘Stage 3 with Pivot’)

I have had decades of telling this story, but seven clients and non-clients recently asked about how they might improve their ‘Flat Stick – Dance Floor’ performance. Pretty simple! OK, here we go!

Putting is simply ‘Distance & Direction’ … ‘Clubface Aim and Weight’ with energy management controlled by ‘Stroke Length’. (see ‘Inching’ or “AskUs!”) Remember that ‘All Putts and Chips Are Dead Straight’! We putt to the stick or to an ‘Off-Set Aim Point’ and, if e miss, strive to roll ‘The Little White Ball’ 12 to 17 inches past the cup. We do not want to ‘Come Up Painfully Short’!

Let’s deal boldly with ‘Direction’ and ‘Clubface Aim’ to that ‘Dead Straight Off-Set High Point or Break’ I just mentioned. Green Reading is a very important ingredient. Work on it regularly … weekly!


  1. You Set-Up properly by getting your ‘5 Alignment Axes’ tended to. Use of ‘Ground Sticks’ or just a long iron will help build the mental picture. Point it directly at the ‘Far Target’. Match your ‘5 Axes’ … 1) Feet, 2) Knees, 3) Hip, 4) Shoulders and 5) Ears. Builds your Confidence, Comfort and Consistency! (The 3 Cs’)
  2. Line your golf balls over the top of their ‘Tiny Factory Line’ with a Sharpie and ‘Line Tool’.
  3. Point this ‘Bold Line’ directly at the ‘Flagstick – Cup’ or ‘Top Of Break’.
  4. Dead Weight the ball there. Strive to get it 12 to 17 inches past the cup … if you miss!

Here is the little 555 Golf trick? Properly Set-Up, move the pure ‘Sweet Spot’ of the Clubhead squarely Back & Through the ball towards the ‘Intermediate Target’. If you can accomplish this very accurate strike, the ‘Line On Your Ball Will Roll End Over End’, making the line appear to be continuous or 360 degrees around the entire golf ball. Perfect strikes mean “NO LINE WOBBLE!”

Thus, you will know your strike was ‘Perfect’ and the outcome will likely be “Rattle Rattle”.

Don’t be lazy and hap-hazard. ‘Get Lucky Golf’ sucks and seldom breaks the ‘Bogie or 90 Barrier’!

Are you a member of the 555 Club House? We’ve got over 1200 pages of golf resources for you.

award winning golf academy McKinney Texas
award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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