All ‘555 Golf Family’ knows that ‘Stance’ is item #3 in the 5 Set-Ups … Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment. We all know that ‘Stance’ encompasses ‘Two Conditions’ … 1) Foot Width and 2) Foot Aim. Both matter a lot when considering a free and invited ‘Pivot Engine Release’!

Stance MUST facilitate (invite) a smooth ‘Back & Up Swing’, the ‘Transition’ as well as a repetitive, comfortable ‘Down & Out or Front Swing’. We must return through the strike to Square with Hips Pointing to the Far Target. This is known as ‘Pivot Release’. (see ‘Deliver & Release’ in the ALSDR)

If we are ‘Too Wide or Too Closed Footed’, either or both of these conditions ‘Impede our proper ‘Pivot Engine’. If and when we cannot ‘Properly Load Coil and Un-Load Release’, we shall not be able to ‘Deliver The Ball’ efficiently with our ‘Lower Body Machine’. (LBM or Core)

Too wide! As soon as our Femural Insertion exceeds about 18 to 20 degrees into the hip socket, we start to lose our ability to ‘Rotate or Pivot’ properly and freely. What is then left for us to accomplish in order to make the strike happen? Lateral Movement … Sway and Slide and ‘Flippy Handed’. YUK!

Too Closed! This ‘Foot Aim’ can come in three flavours … 1) Closed (Target Foot) and Closed (Brace Foot). This configuration will NEVER invite or enable ‘Free Pivot Release’. Our own feet are in the way of ‘Release’. No baseball player ever throws a ball left with their feet pointing right! Are you kidding? 2) Not much better is the Square Square condition. 3) The Open Open Configuration (both feet aiming towards the target) really invites ‘Pivot Release’ while still accomplishing satisfactory ‘Accumulation, Loading and Storing of Potential Horizontal or Round & Round’ motion. (see ‘LBM Tasking’)

You must understand that both feet ‘Pointing Towards The Target’ are ‘Open Open … inviting ‘Release’!

Perhaps a bit ‘Minutia’ but if you are Stance Set-Up ‘Brace Foot Closed’ and ‘Target Foot Open’, you are still ‘Net Foot Blocked’ from making a ‘Pivot Release’ happen. The ‘Brace Foot’ is the ‘Stuck Foot’.

It is often stated that the ‘Open (really Closed) Brace Foot’ enables a bigger ‘Load Coil Turn’. Don’t be fooled by such nonsense! No point ‘Loading Brace’ if you cannot ‘Un-Load Target, Deliver & Release’.

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