The primary movement is what we refer to as ‘Protraction and Retraction’. What does that mean? Think about rowing a boat in the direction that your back is facing. Moving the ‘Oar Blade’ backwards, to the front of the boat, gets you ready to move water and do work in a positive direction … towards the bow or front of the boat. You extend your hands and thus your shoulders forward (anterior to your body), which moves the ‘Oar Blade’ posteriorly to the body core … pushing your hands forward moves the ‘Oar Blade’ back. When you ‘Pull On The Grip Of The Oar’, you move water aft or towards the stern of the boat. Newtons ‘Action & Reaction’ goes into effect and we advance or propel the boat forward.

So, ‘Protraction (Anterior Hand Movement – away from the chest) also Moves the Shoulder Blades Forward’. The opposite occurs when you actually ‘Pull On The Grip Of The Oar’ to move a volume (Mass) of water. It is referred to as ‘Retraction or Posterior Hand Movement’.

When you are at ‘Impact Fix’ (see ‘Address Ready’), your hands are anteriorly extended or Protracted. With both hands extended, you create space or distance between the medial or inside aspects of the shoulder blades. If you bring your thumbs up and touch your respective shoulders, the space (separation of the Scapulae) reduces markedly.

As you make your golf ‘Low & Slow, Deep Flat & Wide, Sweeping Take-Away’, your Brace Hand moves back & up. This is ‘Retraction or Posterior Action’. This is what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as ‘Sliding Your Oily Brace Scapula (shoulder blade) Across Your Sub Scapularis Muscle Group’ towards your ‘Spinal Crankshaft’.

When you make this move with both hands and shoulders (Brace & Target) , both Shoulder Blades get closer to the ‘Spinal Column’. We call this ‘Bullet-Proof Skill Drill … Cracking Walnuts’. Stand up and do it. No further explanation required.

When I am ‘Putting & Chipping’ I feel an ‘Oily Brace Scapularis’.

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