Your Practice Swings

What is the purpose? There has got to be a sensible reason or why make them? Right?

The purpose is to ‘Feel The Steel’ and your entire ‘Body Machine’ in a motion as close to the real needs and profile of the impending strike. If this is not the case why make a ‘Practice Swing’?

We must therefore make our practice swing as close to the real ‘Preselected Procedure’ as possible … both On Path and On Plane with grip pressures and velocity that make us feel the forthcoming task. Is it a powerful, all out, bash or is it a bit softer and smoother? One must ‘Feel The Steel and ‘The Entire Body Machine’ as stated above!

This being the case, we must ‘Sweep Away Our Practice Swings’ (a bit like a putting motion) making sure we ‘Brush The Grass’ with at least a little pinch.

About On Plane’? If we make our practice swings with the Clubhead at about ‘Knee Level’ (very Flat), we are actually practising an inappropriate procedure … one that must be radically adjusted when we step up to the ball. The ‘Little White Ball’ is not at ‘Knee Height’ so this practice swing is highly inappropriate and likely counterproductive! Why make one like that?

Our brain knows we are setting up for failure. It will not allow this to happen. It will force us to make dramatic changes in the real swing. To get the ‘Sweet Spot’ down to the ball, we shall either ‘Alter Our Spinal Forward Inclination’, ‘Knee Flex’ or even to somehow step forward so as to get closer to the ball … to move our Clubhead Path and to lower our Clubshaft Plane. There are no other ways to fix what is wrong!

A very common ‘Feel’ to this ‘FIX’ is to accomplish a ‘Sit Down Move Through Impact & Separation Zone’. Not a great option! Very imprecise and inviting FAT THIN … more often FAT then Thin! Set-Up properly (‘Measure To The Ball’) and make ‘Appropriate Sweeping Practice Swings’. Want to remind you of a very important, little known physiology. The ‘Lever Assembly Extensor Action’ (BLEA), ‘Centripetal Action and Centrifugal Force’, the ‘Pulling Out Action’, actually elongates the ‘Lever Assemblies Soft Tissue’. Thus, if you Set-Up sweeping, or nearly so, the sole of your golf club will naturally lower slightly during the energetic strike which is different than the ‘Practice Swing’.

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