“To release what?” is the question. The answer is to release loaded ‘Configuration, Condition, Components or Position’ as well as to release stored, ‘Potential or Ready Energy’ into the ‘Kinetic, Active or Dynamic’ form … to achieve ‘Stopped At The TOB’ (‘Zero Velocity’) and convert it into ‘Go In The BOSA’ or ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (‘Clubhead Speed’).

You might find the ‘555 Golf Power Line Delivery Sequence’ of interest. It embraces the 360 degree energy process … the full energy circle. This useful sequence is ‘ALSDR’ or Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver and Release. Each and every strike abides by this ‘Sequence’ regardless of ‘Swing Length’.

What does this entail? Let’s think of this ‘ALSDR’ in a unique manner? Carry a brick to the top of a three-story building with the intention of dropping it. As we climb the stairs we are loading ‘Potential Energy’ … ‘Muscular Energy in a Mass-Based Mechanical Energy State’.(see ‘Foot Pounds’) As we climb those stairs we ‘Accumulate, Load & Store’ ‘Potential Energy’ … energy that has the ability to be expended and to do work through ‘Delivery & Release’.

If we let the brick go (Deliver & Release) it will hit the ground hard and thus have the ability to ‘Do Work’ … breaking the concrete sidewalk is a form of dissipated energy and doing work!

Now to golf! The smallest ‘Stroke’ (Putting & Chipping) has a full complement of ‘ALSDR’. As the Clubhead swings Back & Up, it Accumulates, Loads & Stores energy. It gets ready to ‘Do Work’. How is the simplest method to actually ‘Do Work’? Just ‘Let IT Go’ and allow Gravity to activate and function! Newton is the perfect starter or activator. The ‘Straight Down Feeling’ shall become ‘Radiused or Arced’ as the ‘Target Swing Lever Assembly’ is attached to the Target Shoulder Socket or Swing Fulcrum. One can add a little simple ‘Thrust’ as might be required to accomplish the ‘Pre-Selected Work’ … moving the ball ‘On Distance and On Line or Direction’.

The body must learn to efficiently ‘Deliver & Release’ the ‘ALS Energy’. Thus the ‘Lower & Upper Body Machines’ must become educated, efficient and comfortable with the ‘DR’ process. The ‘Hands, Wrists and Forearms’ actually relax and ‘Chase Follow Finish’ that ‘Sweet Spot Down The Line’. (DTL) If you fail to ‘DR’ (Hold On), you shall very likely ‘Push, Block or Pull’ the striking process. The outcome is a capricious dispersion (Erratic Ball Flight) and a reduced number of ‘Golf Smiley Faces’!


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