Putting Protocols

Each separate ‘Golf Swing Procedure’ has some variations in ‘Characteristics’. It helps us to list or define these in order to clarify or identify the variables. Here are the basic ‘Putting Characteristics’ or ‘Components’.

1) ‘POSTURE, Proper Spine Angle’ to support the ‘Pre-Selected
Components and Procedures’. (‘Forward Inclination, Aft-Tilt’ and ‘Hips Socket to Sternum Clearance’, ‘CHIN Tallish’)
2) ‘Proper GRIP’ which should be ‘Weak’ and ‘Palms Opposed’ with ‘Quiet Hands’ throughout the ‘Entire Stroke’. This is not carved in concrete but is a basic parameter.
3) ‘Fixed Wrist Triangles/Wedges’. No ‘Flip or Throw-Away’.
4) ‘Light GRIP Pressure’, minimal Body Tension
5) Appropriate Attitude which must be very ‘Positive’. CONFIDENT.
6) ‘BODY RELAXED’ … BREATHING slowly and deeply.
7) ‘LEVERS/ARMS GENERALLY HANGING’ and soft in the Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists and Hands.
8) ‘STANCE’ must have proper ‘Width and Foot Aim’ especially to accomplish your ‘One Inch Rule’. ‘Square Square’ is quite acceptable.
9) ‘WEIGHT EVENLY DISTRIBUTED’ between the ‘Target and Brace Feet’, but not necessarily so. A ‘Forward Press’ may set the ‘Weight Slightly Forward’. Also ‘Weight Distribution’ slightly towards the ‘Heels’ stabilizes your ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM). This means ‘Keeps It Stable Or From Moving’. (‘Zero PIVOT or SLIDE’) To accomplish ‘Stability’ you can also stand or ‘STANCE Adjust’ to being slightly ‘Pigeon Toed’. If you stand ‘Very Pigeon Toed’ and try to make a ‘Full Swing’, employing ‘Full PIVOT’, you will not be able to accomplish the ‘Pre-SELECTED PIVOT Procedure’ which is a ‘Full COIL and UNLOAD Turn’. You will be ‘Both Foot Blocked’ and thus ‘PIVOT Blocked’.
10) ‘FEELING FLAT-FOOTED’ with some ‘Sit Down’ (Weight Rearward or towards your Heels’).
12) ‘BALL LOCATION SLIGHTLY FORWARD’. ‘Under the Clavicle’. This promotes necessary and beneficial ‘Top Spin’. (ascending ‘IMPACT and SEPARATION’ above Equator)
13) ‘ALIGNEMENT’ is usually ‘Optimally Parallel To The Target Or Ball Rolling Line’ but can be non-standard as well.
14) Remember, this is a ‘Brace Hand and Side Dominant Action’. You effect your ‘Take-Away’ with your ‘Brace Hand’ and you ‘Deliver With Your Brace Shoulder’ and not with any ‘Lower Body Machine or Wrist Flip Action’ (‘NO Throw Away’ or ‘Bent Target Wrist’).
15) ‘One And Through’ is your ‘Rhythm, Tempo, Cadence and Pace’.

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award winning golf academy McKinney Texas
award winning golf academy McKinney Texas

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