One can play golf ‘One Handed’. I have trained several ‘One Handed’ athletes with success. We have several ‘One Handed Bullet-Proof Skill Drills’ that are useful along your learning journey. (see ‘Isolate The Parts Drills’)

There is more control and more power with full and cooperative ‘Triangular Golf Lever Assemblies’ (Hand, Wrist, Forearm, Elbow, Upper Arm and Shoulder Socket). ‘Quiet Triangles’ (with two levers) are more stable and predictable than with one! Helps us honour Newton!

The ‘Target Lever’ is the ‘Swinging Lever. It accomplishes only three functions. 1) Controls the Golf Club … especially the Clubface Aim, 2) Establishes ‘The Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) and 3) Provides the #4 Pressure Point. (Rotational Target Pectoralis Muscle pushing or applying Force to the Target Biceps. (see ‘Hand Controls, Arm Supports and Body Transports’)

The ‘Brace Lever’ provides ‘Stability’. It is also the ‘Hitting Lever’. It provides massive acceleration via the ‘Bend & Straighten’ action. It, along with the Captain Eyes, monitors velocity. This lever is relatively straight at ‘Impact Fix’ … getting ready for the ‘Take-Away’. It is ‘Bent’ at the Top Of Back Swing (TOB). It returns to the being ‘Straight Configuration’ just past the ‘Ball Location’ and ‘BOSA’, Your 555 Team refers to this as the ‘Release or Chase, Follow & Finish Phase’. During this interval, both Levers are in the ‘Extended & In Line Positions’. The Club Shafts are extended at about 45 degrees to ‘Vertical or to the Impact & Separation Zone Line’. (see ‘Three Lever Single Action’)(see ‘The 123-123 Drill’. The Brace Wrist is the Primary Articulating Joint #3, Elbow #2 and Shoulder #1. The motion sequence is 123 in the Back & Up Swing. The motion sequence is also 123 in the Down & Out Swing. Mirror Function Images.) Time For A Feel! Take a club and make a swing in ‘Slow Motion’.

When we apply and activate both ‘Lever Assemblies’, we utilize ‘Quiet Triangles’. The Elbow Line or Shoulders are the third sides of the ‘Quiet Triangles’.

Simple mechanics is worth a few moments of thought or even a second read?

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