Our detailed perceptions and experiences at ‘High Speed’ are challenging! It is difficult to sense a maximum amount of either mental or physical personal data (feelings) at very high or full speeds. Thus, if we can slow our golf swing motions and actions down, even a moderate amount, we shall improve our perceptions and, soon thereafter, our performance. Sensible and worthy? Absolutely!

We need a basis by which to make these ‘Slower Event’ to happen logically and predictably.

We have that basis already very refined and available for our distinct benefit. The ‘555 System’ explicitly refers to this systemology as ‘The 5 Set-Ups’ … Posture. Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment. The equally influential and governing sibling aspect is what we refer to as ‘The 5 Essential Elements’ ... Clubface Aim at the Moment Of Separation, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot & Angle Of Attack. (see AOA) Prepare for ‘The Slow Motion Drills’ using these faithful servants.

You might recall our term ‘Swing Gate’ both in the ‘Back & Up and Down & Out’ aspects? A gate is an access or passage point through which we or something might pass. It is sensible that, until the gate is opened, nothing shall pass. Our awareness of ‘The Clubhead Path’ passing through ‘Points In Space’ (Gates or Check Points) with Tempo, Timing & Rhythm shall be useful.

We have defined what is called ‘The 11 Swing Sequences’. Let us think of just two … SS #3 is the ‘Shaft Horizontal Configuration’ during the ‘Back & Up’ swing. Thereafter, we arrive at the Top Of Back Swing (TOB), at the Transition (Direction Change) and into the ‘Down & Out Swing’. During this ‘DOFT’ segment, we arrive at and pass through SS or Swing Gate #7 where the Club Shaft once again becomes ‘Horizontal to the Ground’. (see ‘The Pre-Impact Position’)

Now, the ’Third Swing Gate’ is what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as ‘The Intermediate Target’ … a spot 10 to 15 inches in front of the ball directly on the ‘Target Line’. Mark it with a penny or two white tees!

Knowing and Feeling these three ‘Gates’ is highly beneficial and amplifies our physical awareness. Doing so ‘In Slow Motion’ is dramatically more useful! ‘Time For A Feel’. Pull a ‘Mid Iron (#8 Iron) out of your bag, ‘Set Up’ and make ten ‘Slow Motion Drills’ (Half Speed) right now and twice a day for a week! Follow this up with 25 reps of your ‘Resistance Fan Drill’. It’s your parade!

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