The ‘5 Essential Elements’ (1. Clubface Aim, 2. Clubhead Path, 3. Clubhead Speed, 4. Sweet Spot & 5. Angle Of Attack – AOA) are important to our golf success!

Tension is ‘The #1 Killer Of Consistency and Performance’.

‘Tight Muscles’ are ‘Slow Muscles’. Therefore, ‘Tension impairs ‘3. Clubhead Speed’ and thus ‘Distance’.

‘Tension’ also directly affects the conditions of our ‘Clubhead and Clubface’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ … huge factors in predictable ‘Ball Flight’ performance!

AT-itis creates unavoidable ‘Tension’ as a byproduct of ‘Fear’. We will tend to achieve maximum ‘Clubhead Speed’ too early in our ‘Down & Out Swing’. (see ‘Casting’ and Over The Top, Path & Plane’)

Again, if we get tense due to ‘AT-itis’, our ‘Clubhead Speed and Control’ decays … pretty negative conditions that directly affect our ‘Golf Happiness’!

Simple solution? Yes! Rather that to ‘Hit At The Ball’, set up or select your ‘Intermediate Target’ (10 to 15 inches in front of the ball on our ‘Initial Ball Flight Line’) and always strive diligently to ‘Swing Through That Point’. This easy goal invites ‘Delivery & Release’. (see ALSDR – Accumulate, Load, Store, Deliver & Release … The Power Line Delivery Sequence’)

Tension shows up very early in your EYES, Fingers, Hands and Wrists. They are sensitive so pay attention to these key human assets.

KISS … Keep It Stupid Simple!

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