Don't practice bad habits.

There is absolutely no point ‘Practising Bad Habits or Weak Skills’. What a waste of time!

If you make even ‘One Perfect Strike’, your powerful brain remembers that process with intimate details, virtually forever especially if you ‘Set-Up’ properly! (PSR) If you are focused and have a ‘Perfect Practice Makes Permanent Plan’, your rewards will increase manifoldly.

What if you stretch efficiently, pay a visit to the Putting Green’ (Down & Back Drill and a little more) and thereafter go to the Driving Range and execute 6 perfect #8 Irons? Other than a few Chips & Pitches, that is realistically all you have to do before heading to the #1 Teeing Ground.

I know! Hear you thinking! “That may be enough for someone else, but that has never been anywhere adequate for me!” Remember, you have trained yourself!

Desire, Honesty and an Open Mind are ‘555 Family Requirements’. Of course, you know these conditions well! They are our foundation! You believe in them! Right?

I have heard it said that, “If you play four hours, you need to practice four hours!” Nonsense! Have you ever hit 6 really great drives and decided that they tasted so good, you want more? We all know that, sooner or later, we will hit a bad Driver shot. “Oops!” Now I am on a downhill slide and getting unhappy! “Gotta Hit More!” What is the point of extending perfection to that stress point? There is none! In fact, it is the opposite and quite counterproductive!

You can absolutely take those ‘6 Perfect Driver’ (or #8 Iron) strikes to the golf course. All you have to do is learn your ‘5 Set-Ups’ and ‘5 Essential Elements’. Take that knowledge and intellect out onto the battlefield and trust it to hold up. Select precise targets and work your ball to them! If you let one slide off the long straight center line a little, so be it! More shots to come!

Smarten up!