Skepticism Is Healthy

All fishermen know the term ‘Hook Line & Sinker’? Well, ‘Sinker & Stinker’ are pretty similar words! A turd, disguised or not, is always a turd! It is this golf authorities opinion that there are a plethora of ‘Golf Turd Ideas’ all around us! How do we avoid them? Simply not that simple!

You will possess and own a golf baseline!

It starts to form and grow unavoidably in minutes. Always strive to clarify yours! Question everything you see and hear about ‘Golf’. “Simplicity Solves Complexity … always!” Simple ‘Musculo-Skeletal Physiology’ is the safe path by which you can and shall enjoy this marvelous life-long journey game. Succumbing to STI (Soft Tissue Injury) is so unnecessary! I want to tell you that, when I am feeling tight and headachey, I go to our golf property and hit balls … starting with ‘The 555 Down & Back Putting Drill’ and working longer and patiently from there to Full Swing!

‘The 555 System’ transforms golf games over a ‘1 lesson’ to a ‘4 Lesson Series’ … “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. Have been doing this for well over four decades with all comers. It is important to tell you that no two swings are the same! You and I must be prepared to discover and enjoy the truth and reality of our uniqueness! You may be struggling in this task?

We must understand and give Newton a belated hug! ‘Gravity or Gravitational Truth & Action’ is the foundation of our pending pleasure … imminent pleasure! If we learn to work with ‘HER’ … ‘Mother Nature’, we shall get manifold rewards over a lifetime.

Your 555 Team and I are the efficient and proud owners of over 50 years of study, practice and perfection of converting ‘Complexity To Simplicity’. Our ‘5 Set-Ups’ are the baseline … Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment’. We must understand that we ‘Thrust or Push Off The Big Green Ball’ (Earth) so as to be able to move the ‘Little White Ball’. It is our ‘Lower Body Machine’ (LBM – Core) that moves in the Front Swing ‘From The Inside-Out’ and ‘From The Ground Up’. Think of making simple moves. In the Back Swing, we sweep the sole of the Clubhead ‘BACK & UP’ in a ‘Turn & Lift’ physiology. The Back Swing is the ‘Dress Rehearsal’ of the Front Swing. Thus the ‘Turn & Lift’ becomes ‘Drop & Re-Turn’. If we accomplish the proper ‘Clubhead Path & Swing Plane’ in the one, we shall very likely get similar outcomes in the ‘Companion or Complementary Segment’.

After ‘Turn & Lift’ (TOB) we accomplish ‘Transition’ wherein we say that magical little “& WORD” that produces ‘Tempo, Timing & Rhythm’. This is when we invite ‘Mr. Newton and Gravity’ to entertain us. ‘Turn & Lift’ “&” ‘Drop & Re-Turn’. Lever travel starts with ‘Gravity’.

So, the LBM quickly learns ‘The Power Line Delivery Sequence’ … Accumulate, Load Store Deliver & Release … ALSDR. We want to accomplish this ‘Horizontal or Round & Round Motion’ without ‘Manipulation’ meaning without any ‘Reverse C’ … a common STI culprit.

Might I add that the ‘Captain Eyes’ (Ocular Acuity) are never off duty when our ‘Golf Ship’ is cast off and set free to sail away!

Once we have the ‘LBM’ in working order, we can add the ‘Upper Body Machine’ (UBM – Lever Assemblies … Shoulder Sockets, Upper Arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Hands and the actual Golf Club’. These produce all the ‘Vertical or Up & Down Motion’. We refer to it as the ‘Bend & Straighten’. (see ‘Articulating Joints 123/123’) “AskUs!” if you need clarity!

‘The Target or Swing Lever’ controls the ‘Clubface Aim’, the ‘Bottom of Swing Arc’ (BOSA – extension) as well as what we refer to as providing the #4 Pressure Point … pushing of the Abdomen and Chest against the Target Biceps … Horizontal or Rotational Movement.

‘The Brace or Hitting Lever’ provides ‘Velocity’ from the Brace Shoulder Socket. It, with the direct help of the ‘Captain Eyes’, monitors the ‘Closure Rate and Clubhead Speed’, as well as squaring up the ‘Clubface Through Impact & Separation’. (see ‘Tempo, Timing & Rhythm’)

A little extra information? We refer to the ‘TOB’ as the Brace or Load Post, while we refer to the ‘TOF’ as the Target or Release Post. Why the name? We stick white headless golf shafts in the ground just a couple inches outside our Brace and Target Soles. This gives us the ability to monitor our ‘Lateral Movement’. (see ‘Sway and Slide’) These two movements are entirely capable of becoming demons or ‘Swing Wreckers’!

At the TOF (Target Post) we should be atop of a fully extended and stable vertical femur. In this Swing Sequence or Segment we should be able to perform our ‘Flamingo or Brace Toe Tap Tap Tap Drill’. It proves that we have fully ‘Released Our Pivot’ and discovered balance or stasis.

Remember, after ‘The Impact & Separation Zone’, we strive to accomplish ‘Chase Follow & Finish’. It is a part of the ‘Deliver & Release’ process. (see ‘ALSDR’)

Have you noticed that in all of these ‘Deliver and Release’ segments (through BOSA) there is ‘No Reverse C’. The target hip is clearing! We are boldly in the process of standing up and leveling our ‘5 Alignment Axes’ … Ankles, Knees, Hips, Shoulders and Ears. The Spinal Torque Load is neutralizing … Delivering and Releasing! As stated, we are STI friendly.

Those Captain Eyes and Lungs are also releasing through ‘Impact & Separation. Their shift or watch ‘On Deck’ is then over! “Enjoy Your Journey!”

award winning golf academy McKinney Texas
Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.


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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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