digging out of the divot

When your ball is resting in a divot, you have to know how to fix that problem with a confident state of mind! Knowledge and experience can and will provide a remedy. You have to ‘Dig It Out Of There … no lifting moment required … no feeling up in the Front Swing Impact Zone!”

This divot extraction demands a rather ‘Steep Angle Of Attack’. (AoA) Think ‘Pinch and Punch’! Don’t be fearful. Go after it! If you miss, reload and give it another go! It is just a game!

Tinker a little! Try to ‘Shut Down The Clubface Aim’ just a smidgeon! That will prevent the common ‘Leaky Outcomes’. Remember your ‘Intermediate Target’ and that ‘Release & Chase’.

Must mention that respectful golfers, the ones who created that ‘Divot’ in the first place, should have replaced the “Pelt” or filled the void with sand from the cart bottle. “There was no such bottle!” I get that too! “Just Find A Way To Fix It!”

You can be resting in the ‘Front, Middle or Back’ of the divot. The front leaves the ‘Bottom Inside Cheek’ (BIC) exposed … not too bad of a strike opportunity. Middle is OK! Back is more of a challenge, but very doable. Drive the ball down into the mid divot!

The key is a properly chosen ‘Set-Up’. You must ‘Measure To The Ball’. This means that you must find the ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) and somewhat pinch and blast the ball out of there! To find BOSA reliably, you need ‘Chin and Chest Tallish’ with ‘Lever Assemblies’ extended. Go down after that ‘Little White Ball’. See it well! (Ocular Acuity)

What can I tell you that might help accomplish this pinch & blast? Feel it is a bit like a ‘Bunker Blast’. If you take just a tablespoon full of dirt from under the ball’s ‘South Pole’, that should make you happy! Getting the Sweet Spot and Bottom Inside Cheek (BIC – Ballistic Point) together at speed, will make a ‘Smiley Face’.