simple golf alignment

For a ‘Country Gentleman Golf Teacher’, that is a very simple $64,000 question! May I share my reason for this simplistic approach to our ‘Great Game’? Thank you! We are here because you are there and we have shared your painful and pleasureful space over decades! True caring is a raw human trait!

My direct topic is ‘Alignment’. I just read that it was the #1 World failure in our ‘Ball & Stick’ endeavours. Perhaps. Let’s get ‘Simple’ and address this quandary or predicament?

‘555 Golf’ is totally and firmly about ‘The 5 Set-Ups’ …

  1. Posture
  2. Grip
  3. Stance
  4. Ball Location
  5. Alignment

There is not one single world-wide golf swing or strike, good or bad, that does not have ‘All Five Of These Real Physical Elements’ included or involved! Pretty strong basis by which we should investigate and embrace 6 words?

‘ALIGNMENT’ is about ‘Linear Physics’. Do you use ‘Golf Alignment Ground Sticks’ every practice session? If not why not? To help you grasp this concept, ‘Golf Alignment’ is like a Railway Track’. We stand on one rail and hit the ball off the other.

The dead straight line from the ‘Ball’ to the ‘Far Target’ is called ‘The Target Line’. The second rail, on which you stand, is called the ‘Body Rail’. It is referred to as ‘Parallel High Energy Side Of Target Line’ or ‘Parallel Left’ for righties. The ‘Body Rail’ never reaches the ‘Target Rail’.

When we stand on this ‘Body Rail’, we humans thoroughly, naturally and optimally ‘Align’ to it.

We also have ‘5 Human Body Alignment Axes’ …

  1. Ankles
  2. Knees
  3. Hips
  4. Shoulders, and
  5. Ears

These are parallel to the second railway rail … ‘The Body Line’.

If we are optimally ‘Set-Up’ (with the 5 Set-Ups – meaning a properly placed Grip and thus ‘Aimed Clubface’) and just make what we envision as being a ‘Good, Relaxed Athletic Swing’, we have a better than average chance of being happy!

The 5th Body Alignment Axis … Ears … is very influential to our ‘Golf Smiley Face’. Want to prove this truth to yourself? Turn your head fully right and swing ‘Down The Line’ (DTL). Turn your head fully left and swing DTL. You shall soon know the importance of this capital or top of pivot axis! Think for a moment about and factor ‘Eye Dominance’.