How Much Energy


This is both a popular and energetic topic of conversation among our dedicated and knowledgeable teaching family. It is worthy of some science-based Newtonian opinions. The ‘555 Golf Academy System’ always observes ‘Swing Energy Progressions’ (in all swings) starting from the ‘Micro’ and working logically towards the ‘Macro’ … ‘Putting to Driving’. The ‘Less Than Full Swing’ is key!

“Why This Micro – Macro?” you ask. Because ‘There Is A Putt In Every Drive’! Another saying is that ‘I Drive As I Putt’! The foundation of this position is found in our ‘5 Essential Elements’ (Clubface Aim At The Moment Of Separation, Clubhead Path, Clubhead Speed, Sweet Spot and Angle Of Attack’ – AOA). These must cooperate fully and intellectually with ‘The 5 Set-Ups’. (Posture, Grip, Stance, Ball Location & Alignment’) Dynamic Energy and process creates and controls ‘Distance and Direction’!

To the title question! How much ‘Muscular Mechanical Energy’ is required to make a 3 Foot Putt? … to make a Universal Stroke Length 33 Footer on an average Stimp Green … or to make an ‘Optimal Stroke Length with Thrust 1/2/3’ out to the 80 to 110 Foot Roll? You know that I can read your mind! “I would never make a 110 Foot Putt!” You are entitled to “Think Again”. The British play ‘Links Golf’ and make long distance stunner putts as part of the regular discipline!

Sadly, with a ‘Weak Approach Game’, you will miss far too many ‘5/10/15 Foot Strikes Into Those Circles’! A similarly weak ‘Soft Short Game’ adds to the ‘Frustration Quotient’! (see Chip, Bump & Run, Knock Down, Punch, Pitch, Full Swing and Driver) By The Way, each one of these ‘Process Progressions’ entail or contain ‘A Putting Stroke’. I still hear you thinking! The ‘How Much’ question is becoming clearer by the minute? The earnest answer is “The Minimal Amount Of Energy Reasonable!”

Point of thought? More applied energy means more created ‘Tension’. If you ‘Yank & Crank’ any procedure away from the magical ‘Impact Fix’, you shall run into the ‘Top Of Back Swing Stop’ … ‘The Mechanical Limiter’ located in your ‘Target Shoulder’ socket and somewhat in the ‘Brace Shoulder’ as well! The Golf Swing is loaded to a ‘Pre-Determined Condition’ and gets both ‘Snug, Delivered and Released’ at one end or the other of ‘The Power Train Delivery Sequence’. (see ‘ALSDR’) 

Why step on the throttle when you are very soon ‘Coming To A Stop At TOB’ … Swing Sequence #5? Just good old logical?

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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