Fight Off Cognitive Decline

How do we challenge ‘Cognitive Decline’? Don’t give this grinding menace an inch for it shall take a mile! Cross-Word Puzzles? Hobbies? Activities as simple as hiking? Skills like golf?

Being sedentary invites and embodies ‘Decline’ … fitness and cognitive. Spending too much time in your expensive (or cheap) office chair or sitting in the Lazy-Boy in front of the tube with a large bowl of snacks is a form of surrender! Like this saying or not, soft drinks are poison! Good old water flavoured with lemon or green tea is perfect hydration.

Make the decision to get up off your ‘Dead (or dying) Butt’ for at least ten minutes every second day is a good start-point! What shall I do during that small time interval? ‘Anything that involves ‘Range Of Motion’, a little cardio and pulmonary! Pay particular attention to your ‘13 Primary Articulating Joints’ (PAJ) There are seven in our ‘Core’ (Ankles, Knees, Hips and Neck) and six in our ‘Lever Assemblies’. (Shoulders, Elbows and Wrists) Use them methodically!

The internet is replete with good, solid easily accomplished exercises.

Here is a no-brainer that is just a decision away! Skip the elevator and take the stairs! Another easy gainer? Walk faster to and from your transportation! Focus on your ‘Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing’ (DDB). Thank your heart for helping you on this ten-minute journey! Gratitude!

How wonderful is ‘Golf’ as an activity? As good as it gets! You will love it and spend 20 to 30 minutes several times a week making something better such as ‘Putting & Chipping … ‘Short Game’ with mostly ‘Less Than Full Swings’! You can do it! Want to step the energy level up a notch? Work on your ‘Approach Game’. You a golfer? When is the last time you walked 18?

Voila! Improved physiology and mentality! Halt or erase that demonic decline! Will it provide another 5 or 10 good years? You deserve the opportunity to decide in advance and find out!

Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.
Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.


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Award-winning golf academy provides private and group instruction for beginners, advanced, and PGA players.

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