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What is an alternative to this ‘Targeted Icing’? The answer is ‘Total Body Icing’. If you decide to jump into a freezing lake, that shall accomplish ‘Total Systemic Icing’ (TSI).

What does this accomplish other than being able to brag about how tough you are?

‘Total Systemic Icing’ (TSI) super cools your entire physiology. This puts a significant amount of systemic stress and thermal demand on your circulatory system and ambient temperature … even to a dangerous level. It is not all that far removed from a ‘Physical Stress Test’. What is the benefit? There may be very little net value. Be cautiously cogniscent and aware!

The alternative is to utilize ‘Targeted Icing’. This ‘Work Smart Process’ directs increased blood flow to a specific locale and not to the entire county. If you have an ‘Elbow Stress’ (discomfort) treat that problematic area and not your entire body.

A good guideline for ‘Icing’ is to apply the ice pack topically for a brief moment several times (5-10 seconds on and off) until you can become accustomed to the ‘Cold Shock’. Subsequently, follow the very conservative ‘5 Minutes On and 5 Minutes Off’ protocols for up to an hour. If you feel you need more topical cooling, wait 30 minutes before repeating. Two Series is adequate in one session. Doing this process twice daily is reasonable.

It is imperative that you consult your Personal Trainer or Sports Medicine Professional when the need for ‘Icing’ arises. Proper application of treatment protocols is very important to your long- term healing and athletic stability.

Do not be the ‘Tough Guy’ and play through the pain. ‘Work Smart’!

Being practical and proactive? RICER … Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate and Rehab.

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