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I know we have discussed this topic in the past and not the too far distant past, but the topic came up in e-mails 23 times in the last two weeks. Thus, it is neither mute nor decided dynamics. (see ‘Motion Law’) It is an open topic apparently worthy of more consideration?

Address ready is ‘Static In Componentry’. It is very neutral and is what your ‘555 Team’ refers to as ‘Tap Tap Tap’. It is when we simply just hold onto the golf club handle and tap the floor in front of our belly buttons … vertical action and no ‘Horizontal Thrust’. (see lateral pressure)

To make a golf ball ‘Go Away’ we need to create ‘Compression and Line Of Compression’. (see ‘Force Lines’ and ‘Doing Work with a golf tool against a ‘Little White Ball’.) Work is a Force Through A Distance.

Stand with the ‘Door Jamb’ in the center of your chest and hips! Place the ‘Leading Edge of the Clubhead against the base of that ‘Door Hinge or Strike Jamb’. Push it towards the ‘Target Side of your ‘Golfing Body Machine’.

“How?” you ask.

Use your ‘Brace or ‘Push Foot and Leg’, ‘Core’ and ‘Lever Assemblies’ to apply pressure against the base of the ‘Door Jamb’. If this were accomplished standing on the grass and making ‘Clubhead Speed’ through a teed-up golf ball, it would ‘Go Away Directly To A Distant Point’! To rehearse this ‘Action’ is to simulate and test ‘Dynamic or Kinetic Impact Fix’ and NOT ‘Static and Potential Address Ready’ … simulation vs. actual ‘Work Reality’.

When we strike a golf ball solidly, with ‘Kinetic Velocity’, we accomplish this ‘Impact Fix’ at real life speed. It includes, hands leading the golf ball, Brace Leg Drive, Target Foot Steering so we can clear our powerful hip engine, weight or mass transferring onto the Target Leg and Side’, head floating behind the ball, Captain Eyes acutely on deck gathering valuable data, breathing out (DDB), with all this accounted, ‘Making The Strike’ … ‘Impact Fix’ with any and all club tools and work purposes … great or small … chipping to driving! (see ‘Stage 3 Procedure’) Putting is not included as it has ‘No Wrist Cock or Pivot'. (see ‘Stage 1 Procedure’)

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