Like a virus, there is chronically a lot of unhealthy advice going around in the golf realm. Is it contagious? In its own way, absolutely! Evaluate and shun the bad mantras. Embrace the practical and logical. Remember, the golf swing and strike is based on science (Newtonian Truth). The Physics of Rotation and The Geometry of the Circle never get out of style or out of vogue!

What prompted me to write the above title?

We have all heard of the ‘L To L (Shaft Level To Level) Drill’, AKA ‘The Half Way Back and Half Way Through Drill’. Some swing to the Shaft Horizontal position on both sides of the circle. (Swing Sequence #3 Back & Up and SS #8a Down & Out) Others, to their own discretion, use the ‘Target Lever Horizontal Check Point’. (SS #4 Back & Up and SS #9 Down & Out)

A pendular action will NOT accomplish this ‘L To L Drill’, (SS #4 to SS #9). Resistance and the Ball Strike’ dissipates or absorb energy. The Pendular Back & Up is actually slightly longer than the Pendular Down & Out due to this ‘Energy Transfer from the Clubhead to the Ball’.

Different from ‘Pendular’, a normal Golf Front Swing is powered by ‘Pivot Pressure’ or what we refer to as ‘Brace Leg Drive’. This added or applied ‘Rotational Thrust’ actually causes the ‘Front Swing’ to be considerably longer than the Back Swing’. To help grasp this physical velocity and energy event, think about where the highest ‘Clubhead Speed’ happens … just through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’ (SS #8) and not in the top half of the Front Swing Circle’.

Hence ‘The L To L Drill or Level To Level Concept is Scientifically Nonsense’.

Even the ‘Abbreviated Golf Swing’ simply does not happen in this ‘Balanced Clubhead Travel Length’ manner! The ‘Chase, Follow & Finish’ is higher and longer. Avoid the ‘Dreaded Decel’!