‘Social Distancing’ “Makes Me Chuckle”! How interesting in this time of great social challenge? We are a strong and resourceful nation. We shall turn the corner and prevail in the not too far distant future! Think about getting back to ‘Normal’ absolutely as soon as possible! Take tiny steps in that direction at every opportunity.

A quick comment? We are in broadly self-imposed isolation at present … ‘Social Distancing’. We must make sure we exchange the air in our residences at least every day unless it is simply unsafe to do so! Effectively sanitize all surfaces! We must wash our hands and faces regularly! Sanitize our vehicles! Be aware and innovatively responsive!

Your ‘555 Team’ has been teaching and practising ‘Golf Social Distancing’ for decades. We call it ‘Slow Motion Drills’. You can do them in your home! Set up with a #8 Iron and make carefully prepared, properly Set-Up and orchestrated swings ‘Back & Up’ to Top Of Back Swing (TOB), followed by good ‘Down & Outs’ through the ‘Impact & Separation Zone’. Conclude with a little ‘Chase Follow and Finish’! You will soon learn more about your mechanics. (see ‘The 11 Swing Sequences’)

Focus on keeping your ‘Chin and Chest Tallish’ with a little ‘Knee-Flex’. (see ‘Posture’)

I know you know the ‘Slow Motion Drills Technique’ ... so you can work on your golf at slow speed and become lonely all at the same time! Always use your ‘Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing’ (DDB) technique. It is essential athletics for all!

Being ahead of the times ‘Makes Me Chuckle’! Good to have you on board with our world-wide family!

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Thank you!