where is your driver ball location

Question? Where is your ‘Driver Ball Location’? Teed-Up how high? Student Answer: “Driver ball location is just inside the left heel. I do tee it up higher now than I did previously. I want to hit the ball on the upswing.”

Let me see if I can make quick sense herein? How much teed-up ball is above the Driver Head Top Plate? Think of the simple science. Every golf swing has a ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA). In generality, this BOSA is where the sole of the golf clubhead ‘Pinches The Grass’. We are familiar with this ‘Location In 3 Dimensional Space’. All our ‘Non-Teed-Up Balls’ are struck there! Why get cute or difficult with the Driver? When people tee the ball up in the Driver situation, they SHOULD HOVER THE CLUBHEAD so the Sweet Spot matches the ‘Ballistic Target’. (BIC … Bottom Inside Cheek’) Efficient but quite challenging! How do I know this difficulty to be true? Top plates of so many Driver heads are all beat up! We call these ‘Rosies or Rosettes’. When using this very teed up ball, ‘Inside Heel’ location, we unnecessarily suffer a lot of ‘Fat Thins’. This is proof of a lack of stability.

If we get really efficient at ‘BOSA, sole pinching the grass, allow ALL your clubheads, including the Driver, to find ‘Your Universal BOSA’ and NOT a hovered point in space. Easier and more predictably repeatable!

If you find the natural, consistent ‘BOSA’ with your driver, you can accomplish predictable, precise ‘Compression’ and you shall be blessed with more control and distance. (see ‘Impact & Separation’)

If you can find this ‘Inverted Parabolic U-Shaped Clubhead Path’, you will automatically know where the club naturally ‘Ascends’ to your ‘Teed Ball Elevation’.

If you make a smooth natural Driver Full Swing, you shall discover where your ‘Sweet Spot’ (longitudinally and naturally) achieves ‘Tee Ball Height’. I can tell you with certainty that, with a high tee, proper Ball Location is NOT “Just Inside Your Target Heel”! I tee my ball quite high and move it just OUTSIDE MY TARGET FOOT to get it naturally in the way of my ‘Speeding Sweet Spot’.

Optimal ‘Driver Ball Underspin’ is from 1800 to 2300 RPM in order to accomplish a delivered ‘LOFT’ of about 12 to 15 degrees. This achieves an efficient Driver Ball Parabola producing more ‘CARRY’ and less ‘Ballooning’ especially in a head wind.

Might I suggest that you strive to ‘Get The Ball Naturally In The Way’ and not make the ‘Sweet Spot Get To The Ball Location’? If you want to Freddie Couples ‘FREE-WHEEL’, it ain’t happening dependably with your ball teed up high inside your target heel. Be courageous and patient! It’s Tinker Time’!

Welcome to more distance with no ‘Active Swing Change’! Substantial CARRY with extended RUN are good Golf Ball Behavioural Attributes!

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