Don’t you find it distasteful or a little insulting to get promises that are really quite undeliverable? One thing golfers are is ‘Savvy’ even though not always practical or totally realistic or absolutely honest! Spontaneous ‘Mulligans’ are taken!

If you heard a promise or guaranteed to ‘Lower Your Score By 5 Strokes In Just Two Weeks Or Get Your Money Refunded’, what would be your intuitive or gut feeling? Yes! “Hogwash!”

If you are at an 80 handicap, the new normal will be 75 … a huge event-winning reduction! If you are a 75 … improving to a player or even professional 70 emancipation? Playing to a ‘Minus 2 Handicap’ from a 75 in two weeks is a blessed, monstrous improvement! That kind of a ‘Guaranteed Reduction’ would get you tour players standing in line ten deep! “Hogwash!”

Our ‘555 Golf Satisfaction Guarantee’ is different and deliverable! “Reduce Your Handicap By 20% Over A 4 Lesson Series (4 to 6 weeks) Or Your Many Back!” The ‘555 System’ often accomplishes that level of improvement by the second lesson … in your Short Game segment!

If you are playing to an 80 performance level, (8 handicap), you would shave 1.6 to 2.0 strokes over the series. Very doable!

If you are playing to a 90, you would shave 3.6 to 4.0 strokes in about 4 to 6 weeks. That would get your regular club playing partners’ attention!

What if you are playing to a 76 gross or handicap of Minus 4? If you reduced your handicap by 20%, that would shave about a stroke. If you were a scratch player, shaving a stroke over 4 to 6 weeks would form a line outside your teaching door! A one stroke reduction per round to a touring professional is big money … 4 stroke per 4 day event! Tell one of those realists you will ‘Take 5 Strokes Off In Two Weeks” and you will get laughed off the teaching deck! Won’t have to worry about “No Questions Asked Refunds!”

A little ‘Hogwash’ goes a long way!

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