using your back in golf

Let me firstly remind you that, when your Brace Shoulder moves first, starts your ‘Down Out Forward & Through Swing’ (Front Swing), you shall invariably get ‘Above Plane, Over The Top and Outside-In’. (see ‘Cut Shots, Fade-Slice Spin Rate’) This is your ‘Clubhead Path’, a critical ingredient to ‘Golf Happiness’.

I you think of your ‘Shoulder Blades’ (Scapulae) hanging back just a little, delaying your ‘Front Swing, Chest and Shoulders Un-Coiling’, (see ‘Lower Body Machine [LBM] Core Un-Loading or Un-Coiling’), your Trunk, and Core [LBM] rotationak action shall be delayed slightly. As you know we refer to this as ‘Lead’.

If the ‘LBM Leads’, the ‘Upper Body Machine naturally falls behind or ‘Lags’. This is highly useful and effective in ‘Getting Your Clubhead On Path & Plane’.

Guess what?

This ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ slight delay helps you hit straight ball flights. Less curvature is usually a good outcome. Straight is never all that bad, even in a dogleg! Hit your ball into the corner and then hit your approach shot to the fat of the green … into the 5/10/15 Foot Circles! You, ‘The Good ‘Putter That You Are’, can sink golf balls from there!

This ‘Work Smart’ will do the job for both YOU and me!

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