clubhead path

Clubhead Path comes in three flavours! … Inside-Out, Square and Outside-In. We know by now that the ‘Fade Slice Spin Rate and Ball Flight Shape originates from 1) Outside-In Path, 2) Open Clubface at Separation and 3) Slow Hands. (see ‘Too Tight of a Grip Pressure’)

If you get the ‘Fade Slice’, you also have a grip on the ‘Draw Hook’!

Let us also look at another contributor … ‘Weight Distribution’

If we are ‘Loaded Towards Our Toes’ we shall tend to be ‘Over The Top, Above Plane or Outside-In’. If we are moving towards the ‘Target Line’ (Weight Shifting) or ‘Forward Inclined’ we shall tend to be ‘Outside-In, hence ‘Fade - Slice’. Loaded towards our Heels is just the opposite.

If we are too Aft Tilted, we shall tend to be ‘Under-Plane or Inside-Out’ and tend to hit the ‘Draw-Hook’ curvature.

If we are too ‘Target Stacked or Loaded’ we shall tend to swing ‘Outside-In and be ‘Above Plane’ and ‘Over The Top’. Back to our old nemesis ‘Fade - Slice’. (see ‘Brace Shoulder Moving First’)

‘Keep It Stupid Simple’!

‘Set-Up For Success’!

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