To hover in golf means that one has the ‘Weight of the Golf Club In Hand’. The sole of the Clubhead is very slightly elevate above the grass … ‘Hovering Like A Helicopter’.



If one allows the Golf Club Weight to sit on the grass, the Clubhead cannot be easily swept away from the ball. The grass gets in the way and we stumble in our takeaway. This immediately throws us off our precise routine and smooth mechanics. (see ‘Path & Plane’)


If the ‘Sole Of The Clubhead’ is stuck in the grass (scrubbed), one must do something to create ‘Hover Space’. The method of creating clearance is usually the ‘Deadly Wrist Cock Takeaway’ or the ‘Forward Press’. Both generally steepen the ‘Angle Of Takeaway & Attack’ (see ‘Fat Thin’ & ‘PUITA’ … Pick Up Inside Take Away which invites ‘Handsy and Hooksy’ - ‘Flippy’)


We tend to get our Swing Plane too vertical and potentially get our Clubhead Path a bit too ‘Inside or Outside’. We are then challenged from the ‘Get Go’ … ‘Outcome Risk’!

Hovering gets the ‘Hands and Lever Assemblies’ and ultimately the ‘Lower Body Machine Pivot’ in control … quiet and patient. That is a big deal in ‘Smiley Golf’!

For those who think ‘Hovering’ is silly, the 555 Team wishes you well!

It is NOT an option!

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