We have ‘2 Golf Lever Assemblies’ … Target or Swinging Lever and Brace or Hitting Lever.

We appropriately refer to the ‘Flat Target Wrist’ as a ‘Hinge’ and as one of the ‘13 Primary Articulating Human Joints’ (PAJ). It is useful to use good appropriate English names and terms!

The ‘Flat Wrist Hinge’ is one of the ‘9 Configurations or Positions’ that function around 3 actual axes or wrist hinge pins. Think of the ‘Horizontal Door Action and its Vertical Hinge Pins’. The Target Wrist acts ‘Horizontally around a Vertical Hinge Pin’ just like the door.

There are three ‘Horizontal Positions’. They are ‘Bent, Flat & Bowed. (BFB) There are three ‘Vertical Positions acting about a Horizontal Hinge Pin … Cocked, Level & Un-Cocked. (CLU) There are also three ‘Longitudinal Wrist & Forearm Positions acting around the ‘Forearm Axis’ (see Radius & Ulna) … Turned, Vertical & Rolled. (TVR)

It is imperative to understand that each one of these ‘Wrist Hinge Positions’ directly controls the ‘Clubface Aim’, ‘Swing Plane’ and ‘Ball Flight’ outcome.

When the ‘Horizontal Wrist Hinge Configuration’ is ‘FLAT’ through Impact & Separation, the back of your Target Hand shall point at the target. So too will the Clubface aim squarely down the Target Line and then, very likely at the Intermediate and Far Targets. The ‘Controlled Target or Horizontal Wrist Hinge’ is a ‘Primary Imperative’ and goal for happy golfers.

Let us strive to release the ‘Golf Ball’ directly down this very defined line. Feel this delivery and ‘Letting The Ball Go’! Feel like your ‘Lower Body Machine’ propels or energizes the golf ball.

Remember, ‘The Ball Goes Where Your Hands Go! Don’t hit it hard until you can hit it straight! “There is a Putt In Every Drive” … controlled small Components and Procedures before large.

Keep It Stupid Simple!

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