‘Lateral Movement’ is better-known as ‘Sway & Slide’ … sway being to the Brace Side and slide being to the Target Side. Lateral is generally detrimental!

Envision a ‘Plumb Blob’ (Clubhead & String or Shaft) moving back and forth from its Fulcrum or Pivot Point. It touches the ground at the very same place every completed trip or cycle.

‘Lateral Spinal Movement’, in either direction, creates a ‘Net Effective Ball Location’ or BOSA anomaly. We all know fully-well what a too far forward or too far aft Ball Location means … THIN! If we make corrective compensations, (Pivot Alterations such as ‘Forward Inclination’ and increased ‘Knee Flex’) the outcome might become FAT. (see ‘Sit Down Tendency’)

If the ‘Pivot Point or Fulcrum (Stable Head) alters AFT (Brace-ward) the ‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA - Low Point) also moves AFT. When the Ball Location remains the same, the obvious tendency is for the ‘Clubhead’ to top the ball with an Ascending Path.

If the ‘Pivot Point or Fulcrum (Stable Head) alters FORE (Target-ward) the BOSA also moves forward. Now the obvious tendency is for the ‘Leading Edge Of The Clubhead’ to ‘TOP’ the ball with a Descending Path. Remember, your divot is properly taken in front of the ball!

Bottom Line? One must establish and maintain a ‘Stable Spine and a tolerably ‘Floating Head’ (Absolutely Key Elements or Components) if the goal is a ‘Pure Golf Strike’. (see ‘Sweet Spot’)

Primary message herein? Ocular Acuity and a resulting Steady Head, with effectively ‘Extended Lever Assemblies’, will make for predictable ‘Impact & Separation’ and efficient ‘Ball Flight’. It is this teacher’s learned opinion that golf’s ‘Worst Impact Error’ is FAT - THIN!

Knowledge is power! Life is a short trip and you deserve to have more FUN enroute!

‘Work Smart’ and keep improving!

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