How important is one’s eyesight in the ‘Game Of Golf’? Have you tried to hit golf balls blind-folded? I had a college room-mate who was totally blind. I helped him to learn how to hit solid golf balls and to actually play the game. Suppose I was his ‘Seeing Eye Dog’. We had fun!

Once I taught him ‘The 5 Set-Ups’ and thoroughly explained what ‘The 5 Essential Elements’ were and why the were important, he got independent very quickly. All I had to do was to get him properly measured to the ball (‘Sweet Spot to the Bottom Inside Cheek’) and Archie was soon making reliable contact.

I would explain what club I had pulled and why, followed by establishing the proper ‘Alignment’. His sense of ‘Where The Little White Ball’ was located was soon masterfully reliable and enjoyable. A primary ‘Bullet Proof Skill Drill’ was quite simply ‘Brushing The Grass’ with speed. We just hit and advanced under steadily improving control. He was soon hitting the ball from 50 yards and in … ‘Short Game First’! His putting was extraordinary! His inherent ‘Touch and Energy Management’ was thrilling! Our ‘Inching Programme’ worked like magic. I paced the ‘Putt’ and provided him the relevant data. He made good things happen!

How much fun did we have? I soon enlisted the help of one of my golfing buddies in order to get me hitting balls ‘Blind-Folded’. I learned to truly appreciate ‘Ocular Acuity’. ‘The Archie Drill’ has been and is used regularly to this day! It is especially useful for people with great eye-sight and too lazy to really take advantage of that blessing! Why do we play golf in the daytime?

So we can see the ball! How simple is that? Amazingly so! Wait until the sun is setting and get hitting solid golf balls off the grass or matt. That surface will soon be ‘Black’ while, with just a little light (moonlight is ok), you will be able to see the white against the black. This ‘Ocular Point Of Reference’ will provide balance and particularly sensitive awareness of your body components and procedures. (see ‘Fat Thin’)(see ‘Swinging In Balance’)(see ‘Steady Head’)

If your ‘Pivot or Spinal Engine’ gets variable, your ‘Ocular Acuity’ will recognize any weaknesses and help you to quickly fix them!