All our ‘555 Golf Family’ knows these very basic terms, but do we fully understand them?

‘Bottom Of Swing Arc’ (BOSA) is about establishing a precise ‘Top Of Spinal Column’. (see ‘Tether Ball Pole Concept’) The ball and rope do not change length. Neither does the length of our ‘Lever Assemblies’ other than a slight lengthening of our ‘Soft Tissue’ due to Centripetal, Centrifugal or Slinging Force. Therefore, if we ‘Set-Up’ properly, Chin & Chest Tallish, and maintain that ‘Top Of Tether Ball Pole’ (Steady Head) throughout our Back & Up and Down & Out Swings, we should generally accomplish an accurate, Sweet Spot Strike.

The ball consistently sits patiently at the ‘BOSA’. Always extend down, out and through the ‘Bottom Inside Cheek’ (BIC) of the ‘Little White Ball’. If this ‘Top Of Spinal Column’, changes, you shall hit either Fat, Purely or Thin … only three possibilities.

‘Angle Of Attack’ (AOA) also influences the ‘Purity Of Your Strike’. The three approaches to the ball are ‘Shallow, Level or Steep’ … both descending and ascending. The AOA directly affects the ‘Balls Spin Rate’ (see ‘Under, None and Over’).

As you know, this ‘Spin Rate About The Y or Horizontal Axis’ contributes to the ‘Ball Flight Trajectory’ or vertical shape. (X Axis Spin Rate Variables contribute to Curvature)

Learn how to ‘Set-Up’ and ‘Feel’ your component orientation, motions and actions. Always ‘Measure To The Ball’! This sometimes boring repetition will contribute to your predictable ‘Ball Flight’ consistency and happiness!

Hitting your ‘Quadrants’ and ‘5/10/15 Foot Circles’ is no ‘Get Lucky’ endeavour! All great ‘Players’ openly accept ‘Luck’ but usually earn it the old fashioned way!

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