Even when we are simply ‘Walking’ (Ambulating - cool word) we move in the direction that our toes are pointing!

How many really nice folks ‘Set-Up’ with their toes (all of them) pointing directly at the Body or Target lines? Many and even most?

Well, that is the direction that your ‘Golf Body Machine’ will want to generally travel. That is NOT where we want our golf ball to travel! We want it to fly 90 degrees towards the ‘Target Side’. The ‘Square Target Footed Stance’ is counterproductive and physiologically dangerous!

Couple of thoughts? The ‘Brace Foot’ provides the ‘Leg Drive or Push’. (see ‘Propulsion’) Our ‘Body Machine’ has a very specific thrust sequence … 1) Brace Big Toe Pressure, 2) Brace Foot Pre-Load and 3) Brace Leg Drive. This propulsion ‘Powers The Pivot’ on its ‘Horizontal or Round & Round Journey’ with its energy directed towards the ‘Far Target’. (see ‘Flagstick’)

The ‘Target Foot’ (the one on the Target Side’) must ‘Steer So We Can Clear ‘. This foot must be ‘Flared Target-ward’ so as to enable the ‘Target Leg and Hip to clear ‘Aft or Behind’. It must enable the ‘Retreating Target Hip’s’ getting out of the way of the ‘Advancing Brace Hip’. How much ‘Flare’? … 30 to 50 degrees! “Time For A Feel!” (see ‘The Slap Your Target Hand Drill’)

In a general way, the ‘Target Foot’ is the ‘Clearing Pivot Center’ (Target Post), so think of it in this logical manner. If you think of a pitcher throwing a baseball, the Front Foot will be turned towards the batter’s ‘Strike Zone’ so as to invite and enable ‘Delivery & Release’. Where is the batters ‘Front Foot’ pointed? Just good old physiology with a sprinkle of Newton!

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