There are as many ‘Putting Techniques and Tips’ as there are golfers! So, how do we make that ‘Shortest Of Strokes’ with optimal intellect and success? After all, the ‘Flat Stick’ makes up about 35% to 55% of the total strokes in a round of golf. There is significant similarity in the ‘Chipping Stroke’ as well. Thus, our total really short strokes might reasonably make up 65% to 75% of our total strokes. Meaningful? Rhetorical question, right?

Here is a worthy topic concerning both of these ‘Short Strokes’. It is related to a ‘Bullet-Proof Putting Drill’ you very likely know about. It is called the ‘Rail or Channel Drill’. It is very simple but worthy of discussion.

Select a flat place to Putt or Chip. Place two ground sticks or golf clubs on the ground just wider than the cross section (heel to toe) of the Putter head … Blade or Mallet. This channel should aim directly into the middle of the cup. There is no break so the aim is reasonable and logical! (see ‘Direction’)

Let us assume that the ‘Ball Rolling Length’ (see ‘Distance’) is about 12 feet with average medium Stimp. The stroke length will need to be about 6 to 8 inches. This ‘Drill’ is based on the fact that the ‘Stroke Shape’ is ‘Square and Straight’. (see ‘Clubface Aim & Path’)

That means the ‘Path is Straight & Parallel to the Channel’, both Back & Up and Down & Out’. It is a ‘Pushing Out Back Swing’ as well as a ‘Pushing Out Front Swing’. We refer to it as a ‘Push Push Procedure’ meaning ‘Straight Straight’. (no radius or curvature)

It is NOT a normal ‘Inside Square Inside Front Swing’ shape which occurs when we make the normal (elbows against the tummy) 6 to 8 inch stroking action. (see ‘Radiusing or Curving’)

One must both understand and elect to use one of these two mechanical procedures … curved or straight. “You Choose!”

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