That statement may just be a matter of opinion rather than of fact? “No!” After over forty years of studying and teaching golf, I think it is a matter of fact!

Let us examine a round of golf? We shall assume that it requires 120 strokes … God forbid!

We know that the average ‘Golf Full Swing’ takes about 1.5 seconds from ‘Trigger To Chase Follow & Finish’ ... Top Of Front Swing (TOF).

Doing a little math, we calculate that the round requires 120 x 1.5 = 180 seconds or three minutes. That is over a four hour period which is about what today’s round takes!

How ‘Hard Of A Game’ could it really be if we can relax between shots … whistle while we walk … enjoy ‘Mother Nature’s Beauty’ and some good company? Golf really is just a ‘Walk In The Park’ or is it ‘A Good Walk Spoiled’?

It may be pretty ‘Damn Hard’ for 180 seconds or three minutes!

Let us strive to enjoy those relatively few seconds!

Using a professionally designed ‘Pre Shot Routine’ (PSR) will go a very long way towards making that three minute and courageous goal a reality!


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