Firstly, all golf strokes. ‘Putting to Driving’, are ‘Back & Up’ followed by ‘Down & Out’. When we involve this ‘Vertical Movement’, we activate muscles, big and or small, ‘Slow or Twitch’.

This ‘Vertical Movement’ has its inception and conclusion in ‘Newtonian Gravity’. Even in the smallest of ‘Putting or Chipping Strokes Procedures’ there is the predominant effect of ‘Gravity’. We tend to oppose or overcome ‘IT’ on the ‘Back & Up’ (Back Swing) and should sensibly utilize it in the ‘Down & Out’. (Front Swing)

It is the ‘555 Team’ opinion that ‘Gravity’ predictably starts every golf swing procedure. We often discuss the fact that a golfer might tend to ‘Slam on the Brakes’ at the ‘Top Of Back Swing’ (TOB – Transition) and then ‘Step on the Gas’ in the DOFT (Down Out Forward & Through) aspect or Front Swing’. (see ‘Spastic & Jerky’)(see ‘Instability’)

How might we prevent uncontrolled movements in our ‘Golf Body Machine’ … in the Core (LBM) and or the ‘Lever Assemblies’ (UBM)? By the fullest and most efficient utilization of our ‘Captain Eyes’. ‘Ocular Acuity’ senses, controls and prevents minute movements on any of the three movement axes.

In addition to ‘Vertical’, we can enlist two more types of movement. They are 1) Rotational and 2) Lateral. (see ‘Sway & Slide’) If we allow this ‘Instability’, we shall invite ‘Joint Slack’ and detrimental instability.

Lack of ‘Tempo, Timing and Rhythm’ in all swings and regardless of ‘Club Selection’ opens the door to ‘Spastic and Jerky Movements’. (see ‘The Yips’)

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