If you have ‘An 18 Hole Goal’ and are struggling to achieve it, perhaps you might approach that challenge from a slightly different ‘Angle Of Attack’?

What is your ‘18 Hole Goal’ … breaking 120, 110, 100, 90, 80 or even 70? They are worthy accomplishments indeed. “Never Give Up!”

Are there incremental ways of doing or reaching your goals? “YES!”

I have a potential ‘Big Stage Champion’ in our ‘555 Golf Stable’ … in fact more than one. One of his / her very living goals is to break the 70 glass ceiling!

Playing 72 holes at 69 or even less is a formidable and very rare accomplishment over a time span of about four hours. Have you had many ‘Life Changing Events’? This shall be one!

Does an alternative approach exist? Another “YES!” response.

Play 6 holes at one under!

Now do that two more times!

That breaks the 70’s barrier!

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