This is simply how the ‘World Works’ … by “Cause & Effect”. What happened? What made it happen? This is very much the ‘What?’ and the ‘Why?’ of golf.

What are the ‘5 Impact Points’ on any ‘Golf Clubface’? 1) Heel, 2) Toe, 3) Fat, 4) Thin, and 5) Sweet Spot. Pretty simple! We, unfortunately, can find ourselves hitting our golf balls off each one of these ‘Impact Points’ in a random distribution. Kind of a nasty global problem?

These ‘5 Impact Possibilities’ are ‘Effects’. They are really mechanical or motion observations. Just facts that tend to gather or create ‘Emotions’! Try not to get emotional about your golf! Easier said than done! I get it!

What are the ‘Causes’ of these ‘4 Impact Errors’?

How about my giving you just ‘The One Primary Cause’?

It is ‘Failure To See The Ball Come Off The Aimed Clubface’!

This is purely a ‘Lack Of Ocular Acuity’, which invites ‘Pivot Instability’ and ‘Fear’.

What can we do to improve our ‘Probability Of Success’? Mark your ball with a line and two dots. The line points directly down the ‘Initial Ball Flight or Rolling Line’. Thus the ‘Red Dot’ will be on the inside end of the line. We refer to this as the ‘Impact Point or Bottom Inside Cheek’ (BIC). (see ‘Ballistic Target’) Keep looking at this ‘Red Dot’ until your ‘Sweet Spot passes through the ‘Intermediate Target’ … a point 10 to 15 inches in front of the ball ‘On Line’.

Our humble and potent instruction is designed to ‘Add More Focus’.

Enjoy your certain improvement!

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